Posted by: tabliope | November 19, 2009

A Taxing Issue

After the farcical discussions about clean and dirty money when we were trying to find a place to live in Athens, I’m not too surprised by the news that Greece scores badly on the corruption index.   If you give me a fiver then I could probably see my way clear to helping you find out who else scored at this level.

Our estate agent couldn’t see the problem in that she does a significant amount of her work outside the tax system and she then pays her kids’ private tutor in cash so they don’t have to pay tax.  And, boy, was she cross that she had to pay a private tutor because the school system is so rubbish because there’s no money for the schools.  Joining the dots on this one seemed to be beyond her.  That’s probably because of the lousy education system because of the lack of investment because of …..

This post was brought to you by Ms GoodyTwoShoes.




  1. Last time I was in Greece (in 1998. I’d just become a man) I noted that the country is littered with half-completed houses – downstairs habitable, upper story half-complete. I asked why – ‘for tax reasons’. Apparently there is (or was) some tax you could avoid if you lived in an incomplete dwelling. The completed dwelling tax, perhaps.


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