Posted by: tabliope | November 17, 2009

Pressing concerns

Do the Greeks eat Greek yoghurt or is it just yoghurt?  What is yoghurt that’s not Greek yoghurt called?  Infidels’ yoghurt?  American Yoghurt?

A few weeks ago I had this great idea that by this stage I’d have read and absorbed Robert Graves’ Greek Myths ( and I probably would have done if there’d been more mention of yoghurt).  Instead I find myself at D-Day minus 16 pondering dairy products.



  1. On a practical basis though, I’m sure it’s more useful to know your Muller Lite from your labneh than it is to know who fathered which goddess (answer: always Zeus).

  2. Excellent blog name. Excellent.

  3. This has often troubled me along with burning questions like what is a Danish Sandwich called in Denmark and how does one order a Viennese Whirl in Vienna… and more to the point why do we in Ireland still talk about full Irish Breakfasts… We’re not gonna start importing them from somewhere else are we!!

    • Scott – I’ve noticed that wherever I travel in the UK, I can find Full Something Breakfasts… The only thing that changes (certainly not the content..) is whether they’re being called Full “Welsh”/”English” Breakfasts. I’ll add Irish to the list, I presume… 🙂

  4. Also loving the blog name.

  5. So long as it’s mixed with garlic and cucumber and spooned over souvlaki, I’m not all that bothered what it’s called. Yum.

  6. I’m also a fan of your blog name….

    Brilliant idea. ;o)

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