Posted by: tabliope | November 17, 2009

Blogging Greece

I've decided to have a blog just for Greece but I'm going to have it open to people I knew before the internet provided me with a social life and  I'm thinking that I may tell Johnny's family about it at some point.  This means that it could become incredibly dull (like this one's so vibrant, I hear you say).  It's being fitted with an alcohol, temper and swearing lock so that means that whenever I have anything interesting to say I'll say it here.

I'm not giving this little secret, private blog up because I like it but I do want to write about Greece and branch out a bit.  Oh, and should any of you ever comment on it then please don't mention anything that shouldn't be mentioned – ie: The Entire Internet.  And we all used to work together.



  1. I had intended to do a similar thing when I moved out here.  I find it so hard to blog in a way that I’d be happy for my family to read.

  2. I know what you mean – I’m not telling them yet, but I learnt a lot from DMTS so anything that I’m not happy with the whole world knowing will get blogged here.

  3. And what a fantastic colleague you were, back before you moved abroad, H.  I mean Fanny.

  4. I read that blog before I read this blog and am now delighted I didn’t use the word ‘rape’ in my comment there.

  5. I commented on your yoghurt blog as a real person with a real name and everything!

  6. I thought it was you – was going to send you a message if you hadn’t commented here.

  7. Hurrah for more non-Vox blogs!

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