Posted by: tabliope | November 16, 2009

It’s real.

It's all started to come together today.  We've got a date for the movers to start packing us up and we move into our new place on 7th December.  The one-way flight is booked and now I realise that we've not been to Munich or Heidelberg and that I've not hiked the Rotweinwanderweg .   There's a long list of places that I've not visited and things that I haven't done, but there's an even longer list of things that I have done that go way beyond the tourist value of Germany:

For one thing, my German isn't bad although I wouldn't be able to write much, I can hold a passable conversation and I've made friends and worked in German.  I have a gänseliesel pin which was given to me by the Bürgermeister of Göttingen in recognition of my voluntary work.   People don't automatically speak English to me when I'm in tourist places and if they do I no longer think it's because my German's crap.  I am completely comfortable with the whole Sie and Du malarkey and am no longer puzzled as to why some people use the formal with me and others use the informal.  They just do and it's okay.  (So, that only took six years).

I'm feeling slightly hysterical at the moment.



  1. As I recall, German’s quite widely understood in Greece, so you should be able to keep it up.
    All very exciting – good luck!

  2. Younguns are always using du. No respect I tells ya!Shame you didn’t get to Munich. It’s a wonderful city.The only place I managed to make it to in Germany.

  3. [this is good] This is all SO EXCITING.

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