Posted by: tabliope | November 16, 2009

advice sought

I've invited 18 people to a farewell party at our place and I'm giving them food – I'm doing a buffet and I'm borrowing tables and plates from neighbours and probably a bit of oven space too.  My problem is I'm not sure about quantities.  The plan is to make moussaka and a lemon chicken.  The meat bit of the moussaka can be made in advance and frozen and then I can put it together in the morning and then it just gets bunged in the oven.  Same for the lemon chicken which involves putting bits of chicken in white wine, olive oil, with thyme and lemon bunged on top.  It has never gone wrong and should be easy.  I'll serve salads and baby roast potatoes with that.  Deserts will be things that can be made the day before.  If I put tzatziki, olives and bread on the tables that will do for starters. 

Do I cook enough of each main course for 20 people and accept that I'll have loads left over and Johnny and I will be living off it until we move?  Or do I do, say, 15 portions of each and hope that there aren't 16 people who hate lemon chicken or vice versa?  The baby roast potatoes go with the chicken so depending on how much chicken I make I need to do enough potatoes.

All my guests are german and some of them can be a little conservative with food.  But moussaka isn't really out there in food terms, is it? 

Lemon and chicken?  Is it going to turn into some sort of german Peter Kay sketch where they're all wondering around saying 'LEMON! CHICKEN! TOGETHER? I don't think so!'

So – answers about quantities greatly appreciated.



  1. I’d do enough for about 10 portions of each – possibly a bit more on the chicken just because it’s a case of chucking in some more pieces and is less faffy than making up another moussaka … 

  2. I think Pog’s right – if you have potatoes and salad and moussaka you should be alright.I would have 2 helpings of the lemon chicken though, but that’s because I LOVE it.

  3. All I know is if I was going to that party I would eat the SHIT out of the lemon chicken, and bread with tzatziki… OH LORDY, I’m hungry now. Is 10:50am too early for lunch?I’d probably make a bit more of the chicken, I think it’s a little friendlier if people are iffy about eating interesting food.

  4. I’m a boy. I’d walk in the kitchen door and never even be able to find the Lemon Chicken which would pain me to my very core because I bloody love it!!I jest, actually I’m not bad in the kitchen although I’m crap at quantities so apologies for wasting this valuable comment.:)

  5. Today I’m just wandering around Vox agreeing with Plubby. So: do what she said. And enjoy your party.

  6. thanks all – I’m getting good vibes for lemon chicken so shall do a bit more of that than the foreign greek muck.

  7. 15 portions.  Because some of your guests might be like me, stuffing their faces wiith olives, tzatziki and bread (LOVE).
    It’s a wise menu – lots of dishes that can be done ahead (I’m almost done with my Thanksgiving baking; my freezer is almost completely full).

  8. I love that foreign Greek muck …

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