Posted by: tabliope | November 3, 2009

At least I won’t be hungry

I can now count to 20 in Greek and I know the word for spinach and cheese pie and I can say please and thankyou.  So, that'll be 20 spinach and cheese pies to go, please.  Hurrah.

ικοσι σπανακοπιτα παρακαλο! Εφηαριστο.  Ηθρραη!



  1. [this is good] I bet you could ask for a kebab at a push as well.

  2. Is Ηθρραη! hoorah?

  3. it’s hurrah – see, you’re practically fluent, norah.

  4. Can I have one of your pies?

  5. It’s all Greek to me

  6. One essential survival phrase missing: “Glass of red wine, please”

  7. [זה מעולה] You’re doing well. I can remember the following from my time in Greece: thank you, no, tall, ants, and go fuck yourself wanker.

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