Posted by: tabliope | October 26, 2009

Life in the North

Compared to central Athens the air in the northern suburbs is thinner, as are the women.  But perish the thought that they may keep themselves slim by walking from their botox appointment to their hair appointment.  The rule seems to be that if it's further than 100 yards then you take the car because, after all, 100 yards is about the limit that your Lacroix heels will let you go without wrecking your hip joints.  Or maybe the rich really are different and their limbs and joints are reconstructed along with the nose job and tummy tuck, thus allowing unhindered access no matter how ridiculous the heels are.

Kifissia is one of the older suburbs and is home to foreigners, politicians and some old money.  It's not as posh as the diplomats' playground in Filothea where the only people who walk are the maids because the public transport doesn't actually come into the suburb but instead drops people off on the main drag of Kifissia Avenue.  From my new apartment I can walk to Armani and Oscar de la Renta before I reach the supermarket.  There's a Louis Vuitton store across the road and I swear that the doorway sneered at my handbag. 

Downtown in Monastaraki and the Plaka there's no end of young boys selling the knock-off handbags from LV, Prada and other big names.  Some of the knock-off stuff looks pretty good, but what would I know?  Whilst we had our meeting with the agents and landlord to sign the contract, I spent the time looking at our agent's Chanel handbag and trying to decide if it was real or not.  The remainder of the time was spent wondering if the landlord's wife had had a facelift or if it was just botox.   How do people learn these things?  Is there a class?



  1. I think all you need to do is subscribe to ‘OK’ for 6 months and you’ll soon be able to tell the difference between the permanently surprised facelift and the crash-test-dummy botox.
    We were struck by the number of women going around in MASSIVE fur coats in Athens, particularly as it probably never gets cold enough to warrant one.

  2. Sounds a bit like the women who live around Central Park in NYC.  It always seems to be so much work, don’t you think?

  3. I agree, Pog, far too much work.  You’d have no time to think about anything else.I’ve never been to Athens.  I’ve always fancied it.  Are you going to learn Greek?

  4. You’re not kidding that it’s too much work – and they don’t even look that great.  In my humble opinion,Gamba – I’m going to learn some tourist Greek and enough to get me round the shops.  I’ll probably take a class when I move there but I’m not going to sweat it.

  5. Geoff got me a book about european train journeys. Getting to Greece by train looks like a piece of piss – just get to Italy somehow, then wobble down the boot bit, then get a ferry.

  6. I reckon you’ll be giving us all lessons in all of this soon.  It’ll become like second nature.   

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