Posted by: tabliope | October 13, 2009


For some reason I haven't quite grasped that I'm moving to Athens before the end of this year.  On Thursday we're flying off to Athens to look at apartments and houses that someone has chosen for us to view.  I threw a list together of the things that we wanted and then reality kicked in and we scaled down what we wanted to what we might be able to afford which doesn't seem to be a great deal in the part of Athens we're looking to live in.  It's going to be interesting to see what it all looks like when we're there, but I've already warned Johnny that plumbing in Greece isn't going to be as flush as we've had over the last six years.   Because I haven't grasped that I'm moving to Athens I'm strangely unperturbed by the whole thing and think that it's all going to work out fine.  Watch this space for a breakdown of biblical proportions in the coming weeks.

On Saturday I wondered if we'd made the right decision.  Really had a major wobbly panic.  But it's going to be fine. It is, isn't it?

Even with the help of a relocation agent there's a lot to organise in the next couple of months which is why I am spending my time working out when exactly it would be best to have the various leaving parties that we'll be having instead of doing sensible things.  I'm bored with sensible, hence our move to Athens.

I keep worrying that Johnny is missing work, but he's not. 

Today I planted bulbs in my garden – crocus and dwarf tulips – I wish that I'd had one more year for the garden but I think that I've left something that should flourish with minimum work.  It's just the weeds that will need to be kept down. In Athens I'm planning to grow lemons and figs along with herbs and salads.  Even without a garden I can manage things like that if the balcony is big enough.

Because of holidays and European tours I haven't been doing my regular exercise classes.  It's not pretty and I wonder how the real jet set manage to keep themselves in shape.  Perhaps they pay people to exercise for them.  Right now I could offer about 45p.

When we were in Devon we walked across the cliffs to Beer, a small fishing village, and there were  freshly caught scallops for sale and they sent some up to the Anchor pub and I had them for lunch.  Later we walked on the shore line and found the shells.  It was a perfect day.  Whatever happens in the next few months I'm always going to be grateful for this time we've had



  1. Plumbing… Flush… brilliant!Hope everything works out, Athens looks like a fantastic place.

  2. I’m pleased that flushed didn’t go unnoticed.I’ve just had a call from our relocation lady and she’s asked me how I would feel about a little house in the Plaka with a view of the Acropolis.  Let’s see what happens

  3. How exciting!  It will all work out fine, I am sure!  The hardest thing is making the decision to go, and you seem to have managed that just fine, so smooth sailing right? Right?

  4. What a lovely palette of scallops!
    I love the image of your Grecian garden – I can imagine its forebears immortalized in ancient mosiacs.
    And talk about A Room With A View!

  5. It will be fine – you will be fine.  It would be strange if you didn’t feel occasionally jittery about moving.  We stayed very near the Plaka when we went to Athens and went out there most nights – it’s a lovely area; very safe with lots going on.  We were there off season though, so I would imagine it would become quite crowded when the weather gets warmer.  You’re right about the plumbing – the sewers are so ancient that they cannot handle bog paper and consequently there wasn’t much to be found in the the toilets of the bars and restaurants – our hotel was fine though.  Mind you this was in 1997 so they may have given the whole thing an overhaul for the 2004 olympics.

  6. I haven’t been to Athens since 1998. That was recently, right?

  7. That photo is fab. And it WILL be fine. Don’t worry about not grasping it. Grasping things is over-rated. Just letting it happen is very now.

  8. It’ll all be wonderful.  And just thnk of how easy it will be to go island hopping.  Lovely.

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