Posted by: tabliope | September 13, 2009

Let’s move to another palace

Nine weeks ago I was sitting in Southampton airport at the end of my summer holiday in England and thinking about what I had to do over the following weeks: There didn't seem to be too much although I knew that I'd have to start thinking about the breakfast project that I was involved with in the school and probably work out how I was going to develop a better relationship with the staff on the ward at the hospital.  It was pretty much imagining ways of how I would fill my time and, as always on leaving England, I promised myself that I'd work a bit harder on my German and stop coasting along with what I could get away with.  It's probably a bit fanciful to say that I was asking myself if this was the pattern for the next however many years until Johnny's retirement but it did feel difficult leaving England that day and I wasn't really looking forward to coming home.

And then Johnny got a phonecall and we said 'yeah, okay, let's go to Athens for five years'.  If there is a competition anywhere for mad responses to a midlife crisis then it's possible we're going to be in with a chance of winning it but we plan to have some fun along the way. 

Oh, and talk about fortune smiling on the foolish or whatever it does – Johnny gave his required three months notice to the company about ten days ago and they decided that if Johnny could over react to his midlife crisis, they were just as capable of joining in; they asked him to leave the following day because he's going to a competitor, but of course they have to continue to pay him.  Until Xmas.  Personally, I think they owe us a lot more than a three month paid holiday but I'm happy enough with this for the time being.

Evidently on the day J left the big boys held a crisis meeting in the lab and asked J's team if they were happy and how could things be improved.  When I heard that I laughed so hard I almost burst a blood vessel.  Stable doors, Nero fiddling or insert any other cliche that takes your fancy.



  1. [this is good]

  2. Some employers are bloody eejits.  Their reaction to Johnny handing in his notice gives me a perfect insight in what it is like to work for them.  I’m glad you’re getting free money until Xmas though.

  3. The free money is indeed excellent news.  As is the fact that Johnny will be available for packing/bureaucracy/house hunting purposes with you.
    Have you considered how many people might be ‘dropping by’ when you get there?  Hmmm?

  4. Ooh gardening leave!  That’s really not such a bad thing at all, is it?  I wish I worked in an industry that might one day give it to me.  Big Boy’s seen a few people sent on it in his industry.

  5. Oh, this is just all so exciting. I’d still be at the rolling around on the floor squealing stage, miles away from the coherent blogging stage.

  6. free money is great and it means that I don’t have to do the whole finding- somewhere- to- live -and -move -us -there bit on my own.  Fox – there is a lot of running about saying ‘shit, we have to sort XZY out’

  7. [this is good] Best of everything to you and Johnny, how bloody exciting. I second Pog… you may get lots of potential visitors.

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