Posted by: tabliope | September 4, 2009

To Do List:

  • write lists about what lists I need to write
  • arrange removal and packing of household effects in Germany
  • find home in Athens
  • perhaps reverse the above
  • maybe I need to at least get quotes for moving
  • think about the massive bureacracy for getting out of Germany
  • keep checking weather 'bug' for temperatures in Athens while my feet are freezing here in Germany and it's  ONLY September
  • decide to have spontaneous drinks party tonight for German neighbours to explain about items 2 and 3
  • realise that house is beyond filthy and I need to go and buy wine and snacks for party
  • blog
  • google relentlessly to try and find name of restaurant by Voula that did the gorgeous steamed mussels with rice
  • fantasise about the sheer amount of fish I'm going to eat when I move to Athens
  • and the pies – cheese pies, spinach pies, cream pies
  • and the kleftiko and all the different things they do with lamb
  • and veal
  • learn Greek
  • panic about the garden here being in a state of flux
  • blog
  • facebook
  • write lists for the party



  1. Now, that is an impressive to do list. Focus on the second half, which looks much more fun, and delegate the first half. And good luck.

  2. What?  When did this happen?  I didn’t know you were moving to Athens.

  3. Yassou Fanny!  Athens?  You’re off to Athens?
    Oh my – how exciting.  Mmmm – fish … spinach pie ….
    (the only other Greek word you need for your party is ‘Yamas’)

  4. It’s been a huge secret Oink – Johnny got headhunted for a new job and he resigned the old job yesterday – we’re running on fumes at the moment because there’s so much going on.

  5. Crikey – how exciting!  I hope it all goes well.

  6. ATHENS??!!?!?!!!  Wowzers! 

  7. Good luck in Athens. It looks like a great place.Can I move into the Germany house?:P

  8. [this is good] Oh my!  How wonderful! 

  9. Wow – how exciting! hope the packing is stress free x

  10. [this is good] EXCITEMENT!

  11. our landlord would be delighted to have another tenant so easily and you’d have a really pretty garden.

  12. [das ist gut] Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  13. [this is good] Eee!  How exciting!  

  14. its a very good list. none of this  “take rubbish out” or “do dishes”
    its got “move out of germany” “find house in athens”

  15. [this is good] Mmmmm … Kleftiko.

  16. DUDE! Cool!
    We had some Very Important Greeks here earlier for some shambolic seminar type thing. I was in there as the (English) woman running it couldn’t work out to fix her computer up to do the presentation and so had the joy of overhearing her greet everyone with an enthusiastic ‘KALAMARI!’
    Even I am fairly sure that’s not right.

  17. “SQUID!”.  You’re right – it just doesn’t sound quite right somehow ….

  18. yeah – the calamari are the squid and the kalimera is the good morning – I’m hoping that there’s a great deal of comic potential in greeting my new neighbours with ‘squid’ each day.  

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