Posted by: tabliope | August 18, 2009

QotD: My Favorite Room in My House…

What's your favorite room in your house? Why?

This house is no longer my house but I remember how much I loved the sitting room in the house that Johnny and I moved to 18 years ago, shortly after we got married. 

When I'd been a student I'd lived in a bedsit in an old Victorian house in a street filled with old Victorian houses; most of them had been converted to flats or bedsits but a few remained as houses. 

There was one in particular that I remember; on autumn and winter evenings as the light faded early I'd walk past this house and there would always be a lamp on in the sitting room but there was rarely anyone in there so I could look in on the square room without feeling that I was being rude.  On either side of the coal fire there were recesses filled with bookcases – the books went from floor to ceiling – there was a large sofa against one wall and a rug in front of the fire.  I felt like some Dickensian urchin looking in this room because I was going back to a dreary bedsit with most of my books being library books and the fire was a gas fire that ate its way through my money for the meter so I tended to get into bed with a hot water bottle to keep warm or I went to the pub.  I wanted a room with a fire, light and books and to be able to afford to heat even when there was no one there.  I wanted a room to sit in.

Years later I met Johnny and we found our lovely, old, tatty Victorian house that was full of drafts and windows that rattled but it had a sitting room with recesses by a fire and I'd told Johnny about the house I used to walk past when I was a student.  Johnny spent months working on that room; after he came home from work he'd get on with making the bookshelves or papering the walls and putting lamps into the recesses.  Just before Xmas the room was finished and we had an old sofa rescued from Help The Aged covered with a cheap throw, an Ikea rug in front of the coal fire, books on shelves and a xmas tree in the large bay window.   Recently I walked past the house and the shelves are still there but the rug's here, as are the books and so is Johnny.  



  1. [this is good] That’s really nice. 

  2. [this is good] What a perfect, glowing answer.  You put QotD to shame – I’d be surprised if it every raised its head again.

  3. [this is good] Lovely.

  4. Gorgeous.

  5. [this is good]

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