Posted by: tabliope | August 13, 2009

Do you remember

when I said that I was going to do something with this?

and after I'd decided what I wanted to do – build a steingarten – the handwerker let me down and just disappeared to that place that plumbers and handwerkers disappear to.  Eventually I found Herr Lukoschos who felt that a steingarten would be too expensive but we could have a couple of terraced beds. 

After these were built I spent a few days digging and mulching to give anything I planted a chance to survive.  Because it took so long to organise it was a later start for this part of the garden than I would have liked but I wanted to get as much colour as possible for the summer within my budget.  I was determined to stick to my plan of only buying perenial plants unless I was growing something from seed.  Herbs were a good cheap option – mint, sage and rosemary and then I planted strawberries for ground cover and then went down the edge with a hedge of lavender.  I found some saxifrage type plants that will eventually clamber down the stone and planted a dahlia tuber (I'd always thought of dahlias as being the preserve of elderly gentlemen who wear cravats but I'm changing my mind).  A large Johnson's Blue geranium that can be hacked back if it invades too much and I planted Black Eyed Susans from seed – these things would survive a nuclear winter and any fool can grow them.  They'd probably grown on the motorway.

And so as we approach the end of our summer this is what we've got:



  1. [this is good] That’s looking very pretty.  

  2. [this is good] Yes, very lovely.

  3. It’s very nice. How about planting a few cabbages too?

  4. Lovely. Is that Honeysuckle? Does the scent waft indoors on warm summer evenings? Assuming you have warm summer evenings.

  5. [this is good] That is glorious.

  6. you’re so clever. well done. x

  7. thanks allChaotic: I am particularly proud of that honeysuckle because I brought it back from nothing – it’s  a fine example of my slash and destroy technique where if in doubt cut it right back to the root and see what happens – it’s taken 2 years to flower but what you can see is the second growth which is fab.   It’s  a night-scented honeysuckle and when I came back late last week it was a lovely greeting.

  8. Lovely …

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