Posted by: tabliope | August 4, 2009

Do I have a point….

…. or is this just further proof of me being old and grumpy?

I really don't like Twitter and don't see the point of it.  Or rather, I do see the point of it, but I don't think we need it at all.  And I know that there are loads of things we don't need but they make our lives better by being there and just because we don't need something isn't a reason not to have it; I haven't joined the new Puritans just yet.  But, Twitter?  Why?  I don't want to know things in 140 characters – I want people to blog or to email or to telephone or write letters or do the things they did before Twitter came along.  I suspect I'm pretty much on my own here so I'll just sit here quietly and grump to myself.

And Facebook.  There are two reasons for me still being there – the most important one being Scrabble and the second one is that it's a lazy way for me to share photographs.  Yet because a good number of my friends and family aren't on Facebook I still have to do the oldfashioned thing of emailing photos and writing to individuals.  In fact, because Johnny's aunt and uncle don't have a computer I print photographs for them and write letters to them.  So, it's just Scrabble that keeps me there.

I think it's the lack of individuality that is really starting to get to me.  Maybe it's me who has the problem of wanting a compartmentalised life but just because I tell friend A that I'm feeling pissed off with life I won't necessarily want to let Friend B know that.

And I miss people blogging. 

I suspect that I'm also in a very bad mood so I'm off to clean something.



  1. I think it’s a sign of you having a different opinion to some people.  Facebook and Twitter aren’t good alternatives to blogging, but there are plenty of people who don’t also like our “vanity publishing”.  Does cleaning actually improve your bad moods?  It makes me worse.I need to think of something decent to blog – to hopefully help to cheer you up :) 

  2. Cleaning can improve my mood – real vigorous cleaning and chucking things out is great.  I can’t do routine day-to-day cleaning, it has to be a big proper scrub!  Our shower room/loo is very clean now.

  3. No, I get the compartmentalised thing. I used to like keeping friendships separate, but now it feels like everything overlaps and I end up sharing things with people I wouldn’t have wanted to. I forget that things aren’t as private as they might feel.
    I like Twitter as a mindless time-waster at work, but I would hate to think of it replacing blogging.
    This comment was brought to you with a lack of caffeine.

  4. I don’t get Twitter at all although I still use FB for Scrabble, mindless stalking and the occasional bout of passive agression but it does irritate me because it is tedious and I end up knowing things that I don’t want to know about or even have to deal with.
    I still *heart* blogging, although these days I’m feeling as if we’ve grown apart – it’s not blogging, it’s me etc.

  5. Maybe we just need to bring more people into the fold in blogging.  Branch out more in uncovering good new blogs.  I’m not saying they’ll ever be as good as us (well, you lot!) but it’s a start… 

  6. I’m with you on that ‘not want to know about or deal with’ thing.  I had a bellyful of it last weekend involving a niece and my sister-in-law and misunderstood comments – oh God.  Foxy – have some coffee – and you really should add biscuits in as well.I’m in a good mood now but I still don’t like Twitter. 

  7. I tweet the facebook status updates that I don’t want to actually put on facedbook.  I am mostly only friends with blogging people.  No one who would mind much what I put, anyway.
    Also, in favour of twitter, it feels a bit like a wave across the oceans to everyone.  I’m still alive, sort of thing.  It goes a very small way towards filling the hole that blogging left.

  8. I know it’s stating the bleeding obvious. Here goes anyway:If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. Easy as that. I don’t like Football, so don’t go to football matches or read about it in the paper, or look up information about it on the net.I quite like Twitter, sometimes it’s fun to have the constraint of having to form a post in less than 140 characters. It’s handy for information announcements, or a quick”Hey look at this”Or light ‘chat’ during the day. The fact that I can get it on my phone means I can carry a little piece of my net addiction with me :)I understand the Friend A & Friend B, or Compartmentalisation as Foxy calls it, but I think that’s from being on the internet for so long and at first being seen as some sort of weirdo for knowing virtual people across the globe. As the net has become more accepted and widespread I’ve still kept a little bit of that for myself. Although there is more and more overlap. There was still some”Huuh Huuh Fnar Fnar”when I told people I’d been for a drink with someone I knew from online, but not as much as there used to be.Does that make sense?I’ll try to blog more often as well as twittering.

  9. Yes, of course I don’t have to use it BUT when it becomes the medium of choice for a lot of friends then maybe I do because I get left behind….i…for instance I only really got with the Facebook thing because a couple of friends implied that I really needed to be with FB in order to keep up with them.  I suppose in the old days they’d just be people who one doesn’t keep up with anymore and maybe it’s not a bad thing to just accept that sometimes a friendship runs its course instead of trying to keep it alive on the life-support machine that is FB and Twitter.  I know that I’m probably overthinking this but it’s come from a point where i make a real effort to keep in touch with my friends (I mean virtual friends and the conventional sort here) and sometimes I feel that I’m just a number on someone’s list for Twitter or FB.  It was me who mentioned the compartmentalisation thing and it’s nothing to do with virtual friends or non-virtual friends and more to do with how I engage with people and what I get from different friends and what I  can offer to different friends.  I do feel that with Twitter and FB it becomes a ‘one size fits all’ which is fine, up to a point.  What this comes down to, I think, is I feel a little offended by some friends who think that by changing their status they are in some way keeping in touch with me.

  10. Johnny has just read the post and comments and pointed out that we’d not have been able to have this discussion in Twitter – and then he adds that that’s not what Twitter is for (he’s always fair and likes to side with the underdog)

  11. You definitely don’t have to use something just because everyone else is using it. My life has been infinitely better since I deleted my facebook account – there were many reasons why I didn’t like it, which I won’t go into here. But similar to what you said.I use twitter for work and at work – I feel it’s been a useful exercise in being succinct, which isn’t the easiest of things for me to be. It’s great to know what other people are thinking, even if what other people are thinking isn’t very interesting at all.I do not follow Steven Fhry. But I do follow Ian BellI will be blogging again soon, honest. And emailing and writing letters and staring out of the window. Things have been quite busy for me the past month for some reason; I have many projects coming up that are at the imaginary stage right now. It’s an exciting time.The most difficult thing for me is working out what my ‘space’ (NB not MYSPACE) on the internet is. I tried a blog specifically about music but I don’t really know anything about music any more, except that Lady GaGa isn’t very good but I like the way she is brazen about the way she acknowledges this fact. Vox is more a community thing, and is racist against people/links from the outside, so I’ve never liked Vox much. Facebook isn’t for me. I write ridiculously complex explanations of pics on my flickr that no-one ever reads. I occasionally write for the Morning Star. I comment on but refuse to argue about politics. I did rather think that I could use twitter just to link to the various things I write, which kind of works but I only have about 40 friends on twitter and only about ten of them would be interested in, say, articles about festivals on steam trains.

  12. In terms of advertising something then Twitter works well especially for someone like you who writes in a variety of places, however for people who blog in the same place then I find it annoying because if I want to read their stuff then I subscribe to it already and I don’t need another update, but I do accept that that’s me being remarkably disagreeable and intolerant. Yesterdays little outburst from me was prompted by the fact that I was in a bad mood and it wasn’t just Twitter that I was cross about but certain tweets happened to be the thing that brought the red mist down.  When I said that I missed people blogging this wasn’t in reference to keeping up with people but just that I missed reading what people write and I feel that Twitter has had quite a big effect on blogging. Then there’s the much wider thing about friendships and keeping in touch with people and how we inform our friends or family about things.  And I’ll stop here.

  13. Quite simply, I agree with you completely – every word.  Every character (and that’s 1,256 without spaces, 1,568 with spaces – oh, yes I did).  I enjoy blogging, don’t like being limited to a certain number of characters, there it is.
    You’re feeling better?  I’m glad.

  14. I really enjoy reading blogs – I will be reading a blog and thinking, yes, I’m enjoying this. I don’t get that with FB and Twatter, they’re just info-screeds. Oink is right – what we (you, I, she) need is a good source of new blogs. You try browsing the new posts on Vox but there’s just so much dreck, and like NewMalden I still find Vox sort of creepy and culty. Hitting random blogs on Blogger just brings up endless spam. Following links throws up the occasional good ‘un but it’s no golconda.

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