Posted by: tabliope | June 24, 2009

My Struggle

I thought about heading that up in the German translation but then thought that it could be misread and you'd all think that I'd turned into a neo nazi and shaved my head and was shouting Raus! at everyone.  But when I think about my continued struggle with the morons I'm thinking that that could be fun.

The morons:  I had asked someone to email me some fairly urgent information about my new house in England (this is one of the bits about the weight of my diamonds hurting my wrists) and nothing arrived and so I left a message, by telephone, reminding them that I wanted this stuff.  It still didn't arrive and because I didn't have an email address for her I sent an email to her colleague asking what the fuck was going on  what the delay was.  Two days later I sent a second email to her colleague asking why the fuck no one was doing anything if there was a problem.  Her colleague sent me an email saying that the fucking great dimwit she sits next to her colleague had sent me three emails with the information and maybe they were in my junk folder.  And there they were sitting in my junk folder – with little notes on the two later ones saying: 'perhaps these are going in to your junk folder and maybe you should check it'.  And she has about 17,000 telephone numbers for me and she could have phoned me up and said that she'd sent them….

….oh God I think I'm going to have a SEIZURE.



  1. Fembot’s not actually been in the office the last two days – maybe she’s been moonlighting.

  2. I cannot begin to comprehend how you can work with a moron like that.  I think you should get some sort of award 

  3. It’s a good job that you’re in different countries, ay?  Dim isn’t the word.

  4. Oh god. The muppets.

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