Posted by: tabliope | June 17, 2009

whine and roses

At the moment I seem to be spending a lot of time dealing with morons; when I'm not dealing with morons then I'm dealing with ridiculous rules and regulations that seem to be in place purely to keep morons in jobs.  Throughout my struggles I've been thinking that lovely thought that keeps us all going – it's going to make great blogging.  However, when I sit down and think about it all carefully I have to admit that if I blogged it then it would read something like: 'my diamonds are scratching the handmade, designer oak furniture and people keep complaining about the noise of my private jet.'  I would be pilloried and Vox would collapse under the weight of people rushing to register new accounts just so they could turn in a well-deserved parody of what a complete and utter Nellie I am.

Instead I shall be grateful that I have so many lovely things in my life that are giving me the opportunity to moan about the morons.

(this doesn't, however, let Lufthansa Miles and More off the  hook and I shall complain about them until something better comes along)



  1. please moan about the diamonds, otherwise I’m going to have to stop writing my boring self analytical nonsense

  2. Moan about the diamonds.  I always do.

  3. Someone in my fakebook hood once had as their status “I hate all the stupid moron’s.”  That made me laugh very, very, very heartily indeed. 

  4. I recently witnessed a Vox pillorying – it brought a tear to my eye; it was just like the good ole days on 20six when everyone went to watch the fight on Mark Prat’s blog.

  5. Oh yes, that was a good one. I assume we’re referring to the same one. I like a good fight amidst the comments.

  6. If the thread included stalking, liberals and homophobia then we are indeed referring to the same one.

  7. Sounds like a good one.  I’m sorry to have missed it.  We should have more of those (can we get Mark back?).

  8. Will someone please message me with a link to this thread.

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