Posted by: tabliope | May 26, 2009

My garden doth grow

It was a year ago that I said that I was going to do a bit more with
the garden and so far I've managed to turn the clay pits at the front
and side of the house into something that has soil although it's taken
some hard digging with 150 litres of mulch in there.  At the moment I'm
very pleased that a perennial sweetpea has taken root in one of the
beds because it's going to provide me with a lot of summer colour and
it fills a few spaces until I can get more plants in there.  It's still
being done with minimal budget so it's beg, borrow, steal, take
cuttings and hope that things develop.  In a few years I'm probably
going to be cursing that pea because it's going to have taken over the
entire bed but, for now, it's a friend.

Yesterday, Herr Lukoschos came and turned the above into this:


Tomorrow he's bringing a little more soil for them and then I've got to start digging in some more mulch to make the soil even better.  At the moment it feels a little anti-climactic because it's taken so long to find someone to do the work.  My first guy let me down and just never returned my calls.  (Why can't someone say that they just don't want the job?).  Then I found Herr L but by the time he got around to measuring up it was too late last year to start work and then he didn't have time until this week, but the work has been done and now I need to work on it. 

My plan is to go for taller perennials in the top bed and grow some aubretia (blaukissen) over the stone and then for the lower one I'll look at going for herbs: thyme; lavender; rosemary; oregano; sage and pelargoniums.  Then I'll go for some annual herbs too and plant a bucket of mint in the corner. 

And I got the honeysuckle to come back to life which I count as a major success but I did have to cut it back ruthlessly to get rid of whatever disease it had and live with no flowers on it last year but right now it's preparing for june blossoming.



  1. am jealous

  2. i’m obsessed with two things at the moment – exams and gardening. The latter gets more attention than it needs.

  3. It’s going to look lovely – and smell lovely.

  4. [this is good] Yes – herbs are lovely to grow.  I don’t know if you like dill or not, but once planted, it will grow and grow – relentlessly.
    Your garden sounds so dainty and subtle; it will be a wonder of shapes and smells. 

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