Posted by: tabliope | May 20, 2009

QotD: Grudge Match

Do you hold grudges against people? Tell us about an incident if you do, and if you don't, tell us how you rise above it.
Submitted by Sophie.

If holding grudges was a sound then I'd be a klaxon blaring loudly, longly and in a ridiculous manner.  It is the one single thing that I really don't like about myself; the way in which I can take some (often imagined) slight and incubate it over years, allowing it to fester and grow mould, to develop tentacles and several heads, for it to evolve into some horror that when let loose it wounds and kills.  If we harnessed the energy used in my petty, ridiculous grudges we could fuel the national grid for several years.  

And rising above it?  Ha.  If people didn't do dreadful things to me then I wouldn't have to hold grudges, would I?  So, it's not my fault.  It's everyone else who has it in for me.




  1. We must be related. I sometimes think I may burst and black resentment will slop onto the kitchen floor.

  2. We should never get into an argument – I’m just like you 😉

  3. Ooh you did make me laugh …
    Chefboy was telling me this morning about some finance-type woman whose job it is to make sure the creative types don’t muck about with the film budget.  He likes her and presented her with a plan for the next 10 weeks showing how they will come in on time and on the money.  ‘She’s like you,’ he said, ‘super-efficient, super-organised, really friendly – but with a “Don’t fuck with me” attitude and god help anyone who oversteps the mark.’
    He got me (well, possibly apart from the super-efficient bit).

  4. Will you hold some grudges for me? I let them go too quickly and then get annoyed with myself for being a doormat.

  5. gladly, I think that half of my grudges are ones that Johnny didn’t hang onto long enough so I can always help out  Moobs – that’s an excellent imageOink – ain’t nothing like  a good grudgePlubs – what nice things your friends say to you – if I didn’t hold grudges then maybe people would say nice things to me too.

  6. Remind me never to do a dreadful thing to you.
    I’m not sure if I hold grudges or not – nothing tends to fester, but once the door is closed, it is pretty much closed for good.

  7. I too am a grudge bearer.  I don’t do anything productive with them though.  I just internalise, where they fester and eat away at me until someone one day says something and I just go all “argh!” at them.  Or mostly I don’t.  I just keep it inside.  One day, some poor fool is going to get one helluva can of whooparse opened on their sorry head. I pity that fool.

  8. Ditto, never cross the Fanny. As it were.Mmmm only the really good grudges get to occupy for grudge real-estate long term. Otherwise it’s all gone and forgotten.

  9. Yup – I do that. I close doors.  Some of you might remember my tales of Conchita from 20Six days.  Haven’t spoken to him in about a year and a half.  The door was closed quite quietly – then welded shut.

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