Posted by: tabliope | April 15, 2009

baby salads

I was worried about leaving these babies while I was in England but they flourished under the watchful eyes of Suzannah, my neighbour.  On Monday Herr L comes to measure up for the garden and he's bringing a sample of stone with him for the walls.  He intends to start work at the beginning of May and then it's all go. 

Whilst I trudged around in England under some grey skies Germany has finally had some decent weather and my garden is completely different after 10 days away – not least my scraggy lawn which is now covered with daisies and dandelions.  Trailing hearts have flowered, the anenomes that I was convinced had rotted in the ground are now flowering – mauve and white – the herbst anenome has come back and all the daffodils and other spring bulbs are beautiful.  Virtually everything I transplanted from other gardens has come through  – I am particularly pleased that the peony made it because I've never had any success with them before.  Only the hollyhocks are slow.



  1. Most impressive.  Mah boys planted squillions of seeds in similar trays for transplanting to their newly-built planters on top of some storage sheds behind their flat – although I’m not sure how much sunshine the seedlings will get in the shade of an enormous gasometer at the Oval – but we’re hopeful of getting some nice salad leaves, herbs and tomatos eventually.  They’ve even planted me my own little chilli tree ….

  2. I love it when growing things surprise you.   Your lawn sounds wild and wayward.  Take pictures!
    And speaking of tomatoes, my father has just planted his – and though I hate them, my foolish co-workers have already put in their requests for their part of the summer harvest.

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