Posted by: tabliope | January 16, 2009

perhaps you need cake too?

In Germany there's an illness that I've not quite got to the bottom of; it's kreislauf and all the translations of this word would suggest it's something to do with circulation, but when someone's suffering from kreislauf I don't think they mean that they have a circulation problem.  It's well understood by Germans and is sympathised with but as far as I can understand it doesn't actually mean anything. 

Yesterday I was chatting to a lady at my pilates class and she'd noticed that I hadn't been there the week before and asked me if I'd been ill.  'Kreislauf?' she asked and I told her 'certainly not – I was properly unwell'.  She nodded and said that she'd had to take a day off work with 'kreislauf' the week before.  She had woken up and decided that she needed to stay in bed and drink tea.  I'm tempted to offer 100 Euros to the first person in the UK who phones their boss and tells them they have kreislauf and need to stay in bed and drink tea and still has a job to go back to.



  1. I’d probably get away with that.
    100 Euros – that like £100 isn’t it?

  2. At the moment I thought it was more like £150

  3. Ach! Just thinking about that gives me Kreislauf!

  4. Probably – I’m so out of touch with the money markets these days.

  5. sorrry Jando – it was a poor attempt at making a pathetic joke against the sliding pound – we’re just more aware of it because of living with euros but going back to the UK quite a lot.

  6. I am positive I could get away with here. Everyone’s always off sick with mysterious illnesses. Example: the woman opposite took a half day because she “felt a bit funny” after drinking peppermint tea.

  7. I think you should tell everyone that you’ve got kreislauf and need to go home and drink tea.

  8. Hrmn…. Deutsch is zuviel ausgegonetoshit for mich to verstehen mehr als halb von dass… oh dear.

  9. yes, there it just refers to it as circulation of blood (blutkreislauf) and the other things aren’t relevant.  I think it’s just a term – even Leo ( hasn’t been much help

  10. I lost track of my comment half way through – my brain has gone to shit – I think it’s a term that hasn’t yet been picked up and explained.  Whenever i’ve asked anyone what it is I get this ‘going to bed, drinking tea, not well, vague stuff’ as a reply.

  11. Sounds a bit like the lurgy to me. (Or lurgi, or lergy etc., not idea how it’s spelled.)

  12. does everyone get it or just laydeeeez?

  13. I need to investigate this Em and I think that you may have put your finger on it.  I’ve only had the conversation with women and now I’m going to have to find out if men get kreislauf too,

  14. Looking forward to the results of your investigation Fanny. I think I’ll just put the kettle on.

  15. I think we should all take to our beds and drink tea, just in case.

  16. Make that champagne and I’ll go home right now.

  17. The US seem to have it sewn up with their Duvet Days .  No Kreislauf required over there …

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