Posted by: tabliope | November 18, 2008

Good side/bad side

On my flight from Hamburg last week I was sitting next to two Danish teenagers – they were both 17-years-old, on a school trip to London and were very excited about it.  They told me this in perfect English after having first asked me a question in fairly fluent German.  After the seat-belt sign was switched off one of them turned to me and asked me if he could play his i-pod – I said that now that the seatbelt sign was off that he was allowed to.  'No' he said, 'do you mind if I play my i-pod – it won't annoy you?'.  It took me a few moments to recover from this politeness to realise that I have now become of an age where I look like I need to be asked this question.  Sodding teenagers, why can't they just go back to grunting?

And Easy Jet seem to think that it's perfectly acceptable to send people on a flight with only Pringles for sustenance.  At least they had wine.



  1. Wasn’t he just being considerate? 

  2. Aw, bless. So nice and polite. They probably got knifed within their first five minutes in London. :/

  3. Oinks – I think I’ve just not got used to the fact that i am now quite definitely an adult and it feels weird.Snags – they were on my return flight looking like they hadn’t slept for the whole trip – which they probably hadn’t.

  4. I’m so sorry I missed you the other day. I was up my own arse, a usual xxxxxx 

  5. Wholesome teenagers, they obviously still exist in Denmark. Jesus.

  6. There is hope even amongst the so-called ‘feral kids’.  At our awards dinner last week a young lad (no more than 18) who’d been in prison, been a junkie, been homeless, been a thief etc etc and had recnelty been through one of our courses, is now at colleage, and was part of the team that won an award, chased me through the lobby as I was leaving to add some money to the poppy appeal pot I was carrying – and thanked me and the team for giving him the ‘best night of my life!’.  Bless.

  7. What’s German for ‘How do I know if it’ll annoy me? I don’t know what you’re going to listen to yet’

  8. Minks – we’ll do it another time.Bobs – the thing is that despite being polite and fluent in several languages, they didn’t look like good little boys – Plubs – stories like that are quite wonderful whilst being very sad.NM – You’re grumpier than I am…

  9. I know.
    I also wish I’d read my comment properly before posting it.  Typos abound – shame on me!

  10. Next time you hit the UK let us know so I can buy you a Gin.

  11. I bet they have healthy sex lives, too.

  12. Chaotic – I look forward to a curry in wolves one dayYarb – very good – you never disappoint.

  13. Ever seen the film Mrs. Palfrey at the Clairmont?

  14. No,I had to look it up – interesting.

  15. It’s great! It seems stifled, but I think that’s a device. You’ll know what I mean if you ever see it. — Dave

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