Posted by: tabliope | November 10, 2008

Public service blogging

There is no food at Hamburg airport.  So out of all the millions of people who are about to descend on Hamburg airport, all I can say is that you need to bring a picnic.  I am hungry and if there is no opportunity to buy food on the flight then there is going to be a hijack situation.  Take me to a restaurant.  There is NO room for negotiation.


Actually, that title probably needs to be changed to 'selfish, hungry woman blogging'.


How can there be no food in an airport? 





  1. What? The only thing to do in airports is eat, surely? You have my sympathy. 

  2. I found it to be the same in Frankfurt.  The only thing I could find to eat was Toblerone.  I also had a splitting headache and nowhere sold any kind of painkiller.  I was traumatised for a long time.I hope there is food on the plane.

  3. W-what? No food?! This is as bad as a flight I took in Holland once. The only place open in the terminal was a McDonalds and that only had salad.

  4. I’ve been staring at this for five minutes, trying to assemble a comment.  But the idea of no food for even the tiniest amount of time is so diabolical, so wicked, so bizarre, so withering, so soul destroying…well, I have no comment.
    I hope a chicken kiev, with vegetables that were au gratin-ed within an inch of their lives, was waiting for you at your seat.

  5. Are you sure Hamburg is in Deutschland?  I’ve never been anywhere in Germany where there wasn’t at least some kind of wurst on sale in the vicinity – even our local church had a food stall outside …

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