Posted by: tabliope | November 10, 2008

Fanny’s guide to saving money

Several weeks ago find ridiculously cheap flight on internet and even taking into account cost of railfare to Hamburg it is still such a good deal that it is deemed acceptable to Johnny who, to be fair, has considerable experience of his wife  draining their bank account attempting to save them money. 

Total cost: practically nothing – in fact, they're almost paying me. 

Fast forward to yesterday evening where Fanny and Johnny are enjoying a gin-based concoction when Johnny asks which train Fanny will be arriving home on on Friday evening.  Clearly he is thinking about preparing the bunting and the welcome home parade.  Searching Deutsche Bahn's extensive website it would seem that out of the several thousand trains running on that day not one of them will be running after extremely cheap flight has landed.   Fanny has a fit of the vapours and calls Easy Jet and Deutsche Bahn the sorts of names that would have libel lawyers running around gleefully.  Johnny saves day by deciding that he will travel to Hamburg on Friday evening and we'll spend weekend in posh Hamburg hotel. 

Total cost: Who cares, we're having a weekend in Hamburg. 



  1. You have to balance saving money with putting money into the economy; you seem to have struck an ideal balance. Well done.

  2. Yes, a teensy bit like picking up a radiator from two counties away to save on the delivery charge. Then after totting up car hire and petrol and extravagant meal that you are only a bit out of pocket.Enjoy Hamburg.

  3. Result!

  4. *snort*

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