Posted by: tabliope | October 31, 2008


Yesterday I proved my dedication to my garden by donning wellies and raincoat and going out in the pouring rain to dig in the pfingstrose that someone had dug up from their garden for me.  The nasturtiums will come out over the weekend because the black velvet flowers are now bedgraggled and limp – both the recent cold temperature and yesterday's battering rain means that they're not going to do anything else this year.  They can go to my compost bin and come back into my garden in a couple of years time. 

Last week we were still basking in a gorgeous autumn with piles of dry leaves ready to be kicked through, blue skies lighting the reds and golds of the trees.  After the clocks changed on sunday I felt a damper cold and the leaves were replaced by mud.  On monday afternoon I walked across the drachenwiese and saw the storks flying off silhouetted against the dark red sky but my feet were numb and I wished that I too was flying south.  Or that I had warmer socks.

My garden will rest until next year.



  1. The gardens I walk by and admire are looking a little tired, too – though we aren’t fortunate enough to have rain, etc.  I hope they – and your garden too – have a gentle and undisturbed snooze until the Spring.

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