Posted by: tabliope | October 21, 2008

Was it just a massive sugar rush?

News of my 'employment' may have been somewhat premature because I haven't heard anything from the lady concerned and it's not really appropriate for  me to contact her.  She did say that she would get in touch with me and the only way I have of contacting her is by knocking on her door and that's not really on given that we've only met at a tea party.   Having obsessed considered the situation a little more I feel that she was forced into a situation by someone who was doing it with the very best of intentions but hasn't quite understood the difference between helping and interfering.  Do watch this space.



  1. I hope it works out for you. 

  2. Oh dear – how bleedin’ annoying!  Hope she gets in touch soon.

  3. How frus-trating!
    It’s too bad that you’re not able to contact her – you deserve some piece of mind.

  4. I shall leave it for another couple of weeks then I shall find many excuses to walk up and down outside her house and hope to run into her.

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