Posted by: tabliope | October 14, 2008


Frau S, with whom I have my conversation class, was given the last of these sweetpeas and I saved some seeds for next year before putting the plants into the compost.  In their place is a shrub that I have forgotten the name of but it will give me autumn colour.  For the moment it looks like an ambitious twig but I have great hopes for it for next year. 

There is still no news of a handwerker and it seems as difficult to find as a plumber once was in England.   Frau S  was quite convinced that she had found the very man for me but he's left for a fortnight's holiday and he has said he will get in touch on his return if he's not busy.  'ich klinge wenn ich Zeit haben.'

Crossing over from my garden to the rest of my life, I have heard no more about my job offer although it is early days yet.  The connection between this and my garden is that my original handwerker was recommended to me by the lady who offered me some work.  Let's hope that the job has more substance than the gardener.

My sister-in-law sent some hollyhock seeds from her garden in England and I've set some out down by the bottom fence and will save the rest for the spring propogator.  Planting is now nearly over – I may tuck some cyclamen under some of the conifers and I want some tiny violas to give some winter cheer in the kitchen and bedroom window boxes but after I pull the last of the nasturtiums I think the garden is nearly ready to settle down and tuck itself up for winter.



  1. Apparently it’s expected that 2 milion people will be out of work in the UK by the end of the year, and most of these will be self employed tradespeople. Maybe we should send some across to you?!
    Your garden is coming along really well. I’ve not had much joy with growing things from seed, but I shall try again next year. Which reminds me, I really need to get my tulip bulbs in!

  2. That’s a very pretty picture Ms Fanny.

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