Posted by: tabliope | October 2, 2008

Mad foreign woman

Or: yet another reason why I should never have a gun.

Today I called into the small greengrocers between the market and the bus stop.  I've never particularly liked shopping in there because I don't find the owners/sales staff to be very polite or helpful but they've got good produce and they're in a convenient location.  If I can't get what I need from the market then I top up in this shop.  Today I went in and asked for some shallots and then picked up a couple of other things that I noticed but hadn't really needed – it came to 4 euros 40 cents and I only had a 50 euro note.  Mr Shopkeeper asked if I had anything smaller and I said no and apologised.  He started shaking his head and then Mrs Shopkeeper came out and he turned to her, pointed to the amount rung up on his till and waved the 50 Euro note around with a look of disdain on his face.  Then he shrugged his shoulders and pointed at me.  So, I leaned forward and took the 50 Euros out of his hand and tipped his produce back on the counter and told him that if he wanted any customers he should be more polite.

Then I walked a little bit further and went into another greengrocer who was very polite, had much nicer produce and didn't seem to think that it was at all a bad thing that a customer offered to pay for their goods with money.  He even opened the door for me.  



  1. I have a nearby grocer who wouldn’t serve me at all because I inadvertantly didn’t play by her rules.  I’m used to being able to pick up some fruit/veg myself, but oooooh no she wouldn’t have that.  I only wanted two apples, but apparently I had to acknowledge her supremacy at being the chief apple picker (whereas I was a nobody who couldn’t possibly do it properly).  I wasn’t even aware of her speaking as she was addressing Big Boy in a very quiet ‘can I help you?’ manner but after a few seconds of not being able to pick the apples for me I turned around and noticed her fling her arms into the air and disappear out back!  No apples for us that day.  

  2. Hurrah! That’s exactly the right thing to do. I hope you have a great sense of satisfaction.

  3. Good for you. I have a tendency to do things like that from time to time… maybe they’ll learn for next time – if you ever go back!

  4. That’s mah girl.

  5. Hah – I felt very satisfied but I have to acknowledge that I have the gift of time which allows me to go to another shop – if I’d been juggling that in my lunch hour or with a couple of children I’d probably just have had to let it go.

  6. …and you managed to tell him that in his own language. Excellent.

  7. Oooh well done.  That is exactly the sort of thing I wish I did.

  8. That must of been so satisfying, well done you.

  9. Norah: when you are old  then you can act like that too, but your kids may very well refuse to speak to you.Bobble – it was so satisfying that I smirked all the way home – in between the moments where I shuddered at having created a scene…

  10. That’s the way to do it.

  11. Ha, I’m with Norah – this is the sort of thing I think and wish I do, but never have the nerve to. Good for you!

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