Posted by: tabliope | September 27, 2008

where sheep may safely graze.

It's not easy to find fresh lamb in Germany and the majority of the lamb we can get  is imported from New Zealand.  On the other hand you can't walk more than two yards without running into lovely pig products.  But now I've found the Leine Lamm – named after the local river -  which seems to be mostly hobby farmers with small flocks of different sheep varieties.  Today I've bought a boned and rolled shoulder of lamb which will comfortably feed four of us.  Some rosemary, garlic, red wine and root vegetable and let it cook slowly in the oven – a schmorbratten.  I've only bought the New Zealand lamb before and a shoulder (not rolled or boned) was about 12 Euros so I was pretty much expecting to empty the piggy bank in the butcher's shop today.  But only 7 Euros and 80 cents for this fab bit of meat so I'm thinking that I need to fill my freezer.

They say that to eat the Leine Lamm is to keep the Leine Lamm and I'm delighted to do my bit to support the local farming industry. 



  1. scrummy. What a cool name x

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