Posted by: tabliope | September 27, 2008


Yesterday I visited Herr Kruchem who grows plants.  Actually, it's probably truer to say that he nurtures them rather than grows them.  He is assisted in this by his 2 Indian Runner ducks who quack softly to attract your attention and then run to hide after you've spotted them.  They keep his garden slug free and they contribute to the manure in the garden.  His catalogue, which has no pictures, advises his customers to 'schreddern Sie doch Ihre Friedhofsraketen, fackeln Sie Ihren Cotoneaster ab…'This translates roughly as 'shred your cemetery rockets (boring fir trees that grow quickly but add no value) and get rid of the cotoneaster'.  He's a gardener who believes that gardens grow over time  and was entirely in sympathy with the fact that I would be doing things slowly.  His catalogue reads like poetry – Felberich, hellgelbe Blüten  im Sommer harmoniern gut mit dem schwarzroten Laub; schön bis zum Frost. (this is for Yarb who is being taught German by stealth)

This afternoon Johnny got rid of three of our cemetery rockets and I've planted a bluey/lavendery geranium in the place of this particular monstrosity.

  It's a similar geranium that appears on the banner of Herr Kruchem's page.

There was a lovely surprise when I went into the garden this afternoon,  Someone had  divided their Frauenmantel and Valerian and had left some of the spare plants for me by the garden gate along with some tiny bulbs that I think may be more grape hyacinths.  When Rita, my neighbour, arrived home this afternoon she told me that I could help myself to anything from her garden.  When I eventually find myself a handwerker then I'll start dividing some of her plants.

Here on the left is the bed to the side of the house and it looks a bit like a dog's breakfast at the moment but I have grand hopes for it next year.  We have day lilies, valerian, frauenmantel, lupin, redhotpoker, xmas rose, alium, rhodedendron, geranium, aqualegia, narcissi and grape hyacinths. 



  1. Not only is it going to look gorgeous, you’ll have constant blooms from early Spring onwards for months and months. Clever planting indeed, and the lovely Herr Kruchem sounds like my kinda nursery owner.

  2. I’m hoping it’s clever and works out – thanks.

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