Posted by: tabliope | September 26, 2008

Three things.

 Last weekend Johnny and I went out to look for a birthday present for me and we found another boutique with pretty things, over-priced, but pretty nevertheless.  I saw a grey and dusky pink silk dress which was slightly flouncy and had embroidered bits and pieces – a girly party dress.  Ignoring the fact that I'm probably not of the age for girly party dresses I decided to try it on and proceeded to ask the lady for one in my size.  And here we move into the first thing:

1.  She looked at me and said – 'you're a small, right?'   (I thought this may be tempting fate)

and the second

2.  She brought out a size small and I tried it on and it fitted without straining and I didn't look like an elephant in a tutu.  However, it just didn't suit me and there was something not quite right about it. Previously I thought that frocks like that were wrong because I wasn't slim enough but it had nothing to do with that – they just don't suit me. 

A few years ago in a similar boutique I asked the assistant if she could get me the next size up and she bellowed across the shop that I already had the LARGE.  I am quite aware that the description of clothes being  small and large is entirely subjective – especially when subjected to ESPRIT sizing.  However, this does lead into number 3.

3.  I am wearing size 10 jeans and am breathing. 

Jeans are not a birthday present, are they? I'm quite right in thinking that I can go off and get something else?



  1. If they’re a size 10, you can go out and have whatever you like.

  2. Yes you need another present. Probably two more to be sure.

  3. You both make good points.  I knew I could trust the internet


  5. Size ten jeans?  You’ve done so well.  Eat your heart out!

  6. Bloody marvellous and yes size 10s can buy the internet if they want.

  7. You rule!  Size 10s can pretty much wear whatever they want, you lucky thing!

  8. Jeans don’t classify as a birthday present – they’re a necessity, like gin and therefore you’re still in need of a gift.

  9. the internet is so helpful.  thanks all

  10. I was going to write exactly what Jando did. Go and buy something lovely and then tell the internet about it.

  11. Tell the internet? That’s bloody rubbish. If you get a new frock and you look stunning you should show the internet. Pictures of you looking stunning please.

  12. Jeans don’t classify as a birthday present – they’re a necessity, like gin and therefore you’re still in need of a gift.

    Exactly.   You have your gin.  Now go out and buy your tonic.

  13. You all speak so much sense.

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