Posted by: tabliope | September 22, 2008

Will the fabness ever end?

A few weeks ago I'd asked my Gyrotonics teacher, along with some other people,  if she knew of anyone who would be interested in offering me one hour of structured German conversation each week.  I natter away to my friends but I still miss a lot and I make loads of mistakes and I wanted a place where I could talk with someone and get some good practice but I couldn't find any conversation classes.  I said I'd be happy to pay someone 20 Euros an hour which is a little more than you would be paid in a language school and a lot less than you'd charge if you were the language school.  Brigitte put me in touch with a lady who used to be a primary school teacher and today I met her for the first time.  She was very complimentary about my German and said that she was unsure what it was I wanted because I already spoke very good German although I think after an hour with me she had revised that a little and could see where my problems lay.

Anyway, we've agreed to meet once a week – I was with her for well over one hour today – and when I asked her if 20 Euros per hour was agreeable to her she told me that she wouldn't dream of accepting any money at all.  She told me that she loves her language and she loves to hear it spoken well and she's really pleased that I, as a foreigner, am interested in bettering my language.   If she were British I think she may be the sort of person who would write to the BBC complaining about the newsreaders' poor diction or compose notes to newspaper editors bemoaning the failure of sub-editors to do their job.  She's a lovely lady who is very patient and I think I'm going to learn quite a lot from her.  Another lovely thing is that as we were talking we discovered that we have a mutual acquaintance which made me feel that I'm really starting to fit into this town.  It may, however, just be indicative of the fact that I live in Smallsberg, Deutschland.



  1. I felt quite tearful reading that. All ’round wall to wall German loveliness!

  2. [das ist gut]

  3. I have to say that although there are moments of almost brutal, naked directness on the whole most people have been lovely to me. 

  4. [this is good] It sounds like you’re in a jigsaw competition and you’re winning – you’re putting pieces together faster than Speedy Gonzalez.  (I’m not sure what he’s like with jigsaws, but you get my drift.)

  5. Toll!

  6. [c’est top]

  7. thats grand x

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