Posted by: tabliope | September 19, 2008

Garden roundup

Sadly the plans for planting have been put back by the failure of the workman to get back to me and I'm going to have to go to the palaver of finding someone else which takes me twice as long to do here than it would in England given that either I'm having to repeat most of what I say or I have to get the person I'm talking to to repeat what they've just said.  Suzanah, my very nosy neighbour, asked me the other day why the handwerker hadn't started and I explained the story and told her of my surprise at him not getting back to me.  Why, she asked me, was I surprised.  Just as I was about to launch into a reply involving saying something like 'well, he's German and I expected him to be reliable' I decided that it might not be tactful to talk about what I imagined the national characteristics of one German to another German.   So I just put it down to my unending niaivety about life in general.  She clearly thinks I'm stupid and she launched into a great diatribe against handwerkers generally and how I needed to put my foot down and basically shout at them ALL THE TIME.  IMMER.

More Blumenzwiebeln (flower bulbs) purchased – double headed narcissi (Sir Winston Churchill variety – I'll have a Union Jack in the front garden before too long).   I hacked back the very woody rhodedendron on Wednesday and chopped the twigs small for the compost bin.  The honeysuckle (das Geißblatt) has a mildew on the leaves and isn't looking happy so I've cut some of it out but it's possible I'm going to have to take it right back to the root.  it's not a particularly pretty honeysuckle – pale yellow blooms and it was late to flower.  I think the clematis may have died but I'm going to ignore it and pretend that it's alive and wait and see what happens in the spring.

Pansies – Stiefmütterchen . little step-mothers.

We're having a glorious autumn with constant sunshine and the other gardens are a glorious mixture of a second or third bloom of late summer roses along with the Herbst Anenome, Pyracantha, pumpkins, sweet autumn raspberries and apples.



  1. [this is good] I walk by such a pretty garden on my way home from work.  Small, colorful flowers, untamed and bright.  But as the summer winds down, they are fading and are being choked by weeds.  I hate the summer, but it’s sad to see the little garden go to sleep.

    “late summer roses along with the Herbst Anenome, Pyracantha, pumpkins, sweet autumn raspberries and apples”

    This sounds so Shakesperean!

  2. thank you Aubrey.

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