Posted by: tabliope | September 15, 2008


Yesterday, at 11.00am, we had an invitation to drive into the country and eat cake at 2.00pm.  'Ganz spontan' (completely spontaneous), Kirstin assured us despite giving us three hours warning.  It was only once we were each presented with a piece of plum cake that was only slightly smaller than a king-sized bed that we realised one needs to go into training to eat cake.  It would have been helpful had we eaten nothing for the previous three days and in this sense I suppose it was a completely spontaneous invitation.   Sadly I showed myself up to be a cake-eating lightweight when I suggested that, given the sizes of the portions, each couple could have shared a piece.  

I imagine the recipe goes as follows:

2 tons yeast pastry
4 tons plums
2 tons butter
2 tons sugar
27 litres cream

Bake in an oven the size of the Albert Hall and then serve in a wheelbarrow.  For those wishing to be dainty, provide a shovel.



  1. lightweight

  2. Next time you’re invited, can I come too? I’m sure I could get on a plane at short notice.

  3. Sign me up for the cake training.

  4. As minks said.  Please.  There is no room for daintiness when it comes to devouring butter and cream.
    Still. Cake in the Country sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

  5. ‘Cake Training’ that’s probably a new game on the DS isn’t it?Butter and cream, yum.

  6. In my defence Minks, I wouldn’t have needed to train for cheese or salami.Aubrey, I realised that I may be turning into my grandmother by my delight at being taken for a nice drive in the country followed by Cake.Cake training will start at 10.30 am with a discussion  ‘manners – do they matter where cake is concerned?’ followed by a practical exercise in ensuring you get the largest piece of cake.

  7. I’m here for the cake discussion (or am I an hour late?)

  8. I’d like to sign up for the cheese and salami outing, please.

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