Posted by: tabliope | September 11, 2008

The C word

This morning I saw Stollen in the supermarket.  Given that we haven't even had my birthday yet I pronounce this as being FAR TOO EARLY.



  1. I used to always notice Christmas stuff popping up the weekend after my birthday… this year it was the weekend BEFORE… and that was even before Summer had officially ended at the end of August.
    I always try to postpone my excitement until the end of September at least.
    Re. the Stollen – why wait til Christmas, why can’t it be eaten all year around?!

  2. I used to say that and my birthday is the last week of November. I have no chance.Sadly can’t eat Stollen – allergic to too many things in it *woe*

  3. RG – over here stollen is the same as xmas cake or mince pies – you could eat it all year round in the same way that you can eat mince pies whenever you wish, but it’s a christmas tradition.  I’m not sure you’re missing much, Bobs.

  4. Oh, I know it’s a Christmas tradition… I’m just coming from a commerical aspect – one of the main sources of growth for products is to get shoppers to buy more. To get shoppers to buy more, you need to get consumers to consume more. One of the ways to do this is to create more occasions at which they might consume your product (hence Kelloggs advertising Coco Pops as an afternoon, post-school snack for kids).
    Therefore for Christmas products it’s about extending the consumption period – hoping that if you offer it in store early enough, people will buy it, intending to keep it, but then end up eating it, and have to come back and buy more for Christmas….
    Sorry. I’ve just taken all the fun out of it, haven’t I?!


    You’re well ahead of me. I’m still too busy complaining bitterly about the spring – autumn – winter cycle to notice that sort of thing.

  6. Thank you Jef – I’m glad that someone else sees the SERIOUSNESS OF THIS.(and the NEED FOR CAPS LOCK)

  7. Already?  It’s Christmas-come-early gone mad!  I restrict Christmas to December (for shopping and card sending) and then the 12 days after.  I put up the Christmas tree and cards and decorations on Christmas Eve and that’s it.  I know I’m bah humbug – but I can’t be doing with hoovering up pine needles for a whole month.  Christmas isn’t special and magical if it lasts months and months.

  8. A colleague at work is putting her Christmas tree up at the weekend. She looks like a fully-functioning adult, but clearly something is very wrong.

  9. Oh gosh, that is just WRONG Foxy.Jando – Glad there is another humbug in my acquaintance. My Mum and Dad were very traditional about Christmas celebrations. Christmas cards didn’t go up until at least Santa Lucia (13th Dec) had been and gone and the tree at the earliest would go up four days before the big day, usually Christmas Eve. I refuse to accept the fact that Christmas exists until the first week of December has gone by.

  10. we should be asking ourselves what the baby jeebus would do – would he put his tree up in September?

  11. I’m currently organising the office Christmas party, and have already ordered the Christmas tree for reception. Blee.

  12. It’s not humbug, it’s nice.  If you’re getting your tree up in September, that means you must have been getting giddy about getting your tree in what?  July?  August?  That’s mid-summer.  I know it was a bit rainy, but c’mon.  Save Christmas for December.

  13. No, he would not. And he would only eat stollen in December, and only eat breakfast cereal FOR BREAKFAST.

  14. You shurely must needs to be joking, Foxy.  My mind is boggling – your colleague probably only took it down in May.
    What a mentalist.

  15. he would probably shun stollen given that it is FOREIGN.

  16. I’ll eat his slice if no-one else wants it.

  17. Are you saying that the baby Jeebus is a RACIST?

  18. I think he just doesn’t like the Germans – he hasn’t quite forgiven them for taking christmas over 

  19. When I was a kid we used to put the Christmas tree up the weekend before. Which usually meant that the best trees were gone and we were left with one that dropped needles all the time. Nick and I try to restrain ourselves from playing Christmas music til December, but the Barenaked Ladies “Home for the Holidays” album is just too darn good…

  20. Yes – Winterval isn’t quite the same is it?

  21. Jeebus will be planning his birthday, obviously.RG – are you an early Christmas person now after your parents did the opposite?

  22. I don’t think so, because we had the whole Christmas build up at school and I loved it. We used to have the last week of term with Secret Santa (literally a whole week of little surprises and presents, desk decorating etc.), and then we had the Christmas Revue (staff making fools of themselves), carol concerts, mince pies and last night of term film.
    I just love Christmas!

  23. I hate stollen. I hate mince pies too. Now, if they want to break out the shortbread early, that’s fine by me.

  24. Stollen and mince pies are poison. I can tolerate panetone, if its smeared with chocolate spread.
    Give me a whole turkey, stuffed with a whole ham, and surrounded by roast beef.
    I love christmas, because its me birthday. Last year I put the tree up the first week in December and John nearly divorced me.  

  25. last year the Germans wanted to try the whole mince pie thing – I warned them that they were shit but they insisted.  They were remarkably polite about the whole thing and I did make a chocolate cake to sweeten the pill.KE – I make very good shortbread – come for a visit.

  26. Surely dealing in Stollen goods is wrong at any time of the year?
    n.b. mine pies are not “shit”! Shit mince pies are shit, and this kind of mince pie is all-too-common, and poisoned ones are poison, but a good mince pie is a life-enhancer and a joy.

  27. Whoops, I meant “mince pies”, not “mine pies”. Or “mein pies”, for that matter.

  28. I like mein pies.

  29. mince beef and onion are quite nice

  30. I concur.  A good mince pie, preferably garnished with a big dollop of brandy butter, is a thing of beauty and a joy to scarf down.

  31. I always made it a rule that when the first three-syllable month arrives, it is suitable to prepare one’s menu for Thanksgiving as well as for Christmas.
    T-Giving means turkey followed by a 20-lb. lasagna, Christmas means slaughtering my guests with cookies.  It’s the law.

  32. This blog and all the comments have really made me laugh.

  33. I could eat you T-giving dinner in one sitting. Yum!

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