Posted by: tabliope | September 7, 2008

blue skies and yellow leaves

Heavy rains during the night gave way this morning to blue skies and whispering breezes that started to catch the drying leaves and whisk them from the branches.  It's fusion weather with orange rosehips and red apples but we've still got the hollyhocks and the sunflowers, but then there are the pumpkins growing ever larger.  Is it autumn or late summer?  Tonight it's chicken followed by apple pie sharpened with cloves and nutmeg and some English Bird's custard, because it just has to be.  I used to live in the town where Bird's custard was made and on those production days there was a lovely, homey smell hanging over the town; teachers reported that the children would be calmer and evidently there were less accidents on those days.  Chemicals eh? 



  1. There was a chemical factory about 5 miles from my parents old house in Suffolk. They did flavours and fragrances for the food industry. Palma violet days were lovely, meat extract days much less so.Birds custard just tastes right doesn’t it? ‘Proper’ home made custard with vanilla pods just doesn’t have that yellow taste.

  2. Mmm. Bird’s Custard.

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