Posted by: tabliope | September 6, 2008

Garden roundup

So far I've heard nothing from my handwerker although he did say he was busy.  My paranoid side wonders if he thinks it's not enough of a job and it's too much hassle dealing with a foreign lady but then I get a grip on myself and remember that he's probably busy.  I'm working out what I will do if he doesn't do the stonework for me and I've decided that I'll probably manage to dig a reasonably small bed out for myself and I'll just work on the areas that I've got.

Last year my sweetpeas were clambering all over the bottom fence and my neighbour was delighted by their scent but this year they've been slow and I wonder if it's because I used old seeds from last year or if it's because I didn't prepare the ground very well.  Next year, the sweetpea corner will have hollyhocks, foxgloves, poppies, aqualegia and some allium purple sensation so I'll plant some sweetpeas on a frame further up nearer the gate – Kirstin and Frank bought me a packet as part of a gift for looking after their garden earlier this year.  Before planting anything I'll work the ground up and add a load of compost.

Speaking of compost, my bin is half-full (it's an optimistic bin) and it's got a 50/50 mix of browns and greens.  I would imagine that within the month I'll have it filled with shreddings from the bushes and trees, the finished petunias and nasturtiums (both black velvet and the convention orange and yellow) and probably one final cut of the lawn.  Then it's just turning it over and waiting for it to rot down.  If you're looking for something really easy to grow from seed then plant nasturtium seeds – you can put them in pots and trail them down, you can hid unsightly walls with them, you can get them to grow up or trail down- they're brilliant, easy and cheap and they'll fill space.  The more you neglect them then the better they flower and I've found that if they're over-watered you only encourage leaves but ignore them and they'll keep flowering.

Today I bought blumenzwiebeln (bulbs) from the market – there's a man who travels to Holland in his van each year and brings lots of lovely stuff back.   The Fritallaria  are pretty but I'd have bought them just for the joy of the name and they've been planted next to some Phlox in a tiny bed by our dustbin.  He's recommended some anemones for my shady spot and I've also got some bluebells to naturalise in a corner of the lawn – Spanish bluebells which are taller than the ones I'm familar with in the UK. 


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