Posted by: tabliope | September 2, 2008


This afternoon Annetta, one of my neighbours, disturbed my blog reading by banging on my window whilst brandishing a handful of day lilies (Die Taglilie) that she's thinning in her autumn clear-out.  Do I want them for my garden?  Well, of course I do.  Given that she's having to clear them they must do well in our soil so I'm hoping for good things next year from them.

As I was digging the lilies into place I noticed that the christmas rose (Die Christrose) has started to flower and I'm surely my mother's daughter because I was immediately wondering who I could tell.  I'm not exactly pleased about this because over the years I would telephone home to tell of my great things: getting married, passing exams, landing the great job and my mother would just about manage to grunt something that was approval before telling me the fate of her xmas rose.  It would either be failing, or just about to recover, or have had recovered, or someone had been rude to it.  I would heave and sigh because it was just, you know, a plant but mum would not be thwarted – the pecking order in the family was Dog followed by Rose and I often wondered what would happen if the dog damaged the rose – maybe I even wished Dog would damage Rose just so that I could observe the fall-out.  But I digress.



  1. And it’s only just September – you’ve got months to wax eloquent before Christmas!

  2. I think you should bang on Annetta’s window with xmas rose news. I think she’d love that.

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