Posted by: tabliope | August 30, 2008

news from the garden

Today has been a fabulous day for working in the garden – yesterday my handwerker came round to talk about the work he's going to do – I'd taken the precaution of getting Kirstin,  one of my neighbours, to come round to help me with the lingo.  He's come up with a better idea than just a common-or-garden rockery (it's a steep slope and we worried that the soil would just wash away in the rain) and so we're back to the idea of 2 terraced beds but held up with dry-stone walls.  This is going to push the budget up but if I want to do something with the garden then I'm just going to have to suck it up and at the moment I'm waiting for him to come back with a quote for the stone and I hope that it meets the price that is in my head.  I'm looking forward to having something to plant in the next couple of weeks along with the bed that he's digging out of the scrag of lawn.  My lovely neighbour has taken to calling it the herbacious border already. 

Lots of work today like cutting back, weeding and mowing so lovely stuff going into the compost bin. However, not just tidying but planting too – transplants of grape hyacinths from my neighbour's garden.  Over the last few weeks I've been collecting seeds from things that seem to thrive in our lousy soil – hollyhocks, aqualegia, stuff that I only know the german for – nelken – lupins, foxgloves and poppies.  Next year I'm not going to be able to weed until the middle of June because I've scattered so much over the existing beds hoping that they'll take and I'm frightened of weeding something pretty out accidentally.  Today I set some hollyhock seeds in properly and I've saved some to bring on in the propogator.  Hopefully some of what I've planted out as seed now should flower next summer and then what I propogate in the spring will flower the following year. 



  1. [this is good] Brilliant, brilliant! I love a good garden blog, but it has to be from the start. Don’t stop, fanny my dear. Please mention lots of plant names I haven’t heard of before, in German and English. 

  2. Those are pretty much all the plants that I have in my front garden – we also have Euphorbia which fills a lot of space, a berberis thunbergii, which is still small but has gorgeous red foliage, a wiegela (sp?) which is doing well, and a magnolia which loves our soil. I also have another couple of plants that do well, one is a Spirea Japonica – there are a few varieties but I can’t remember which one we’ve got – the ‘Firelight’ one is lovely though. I can’t remember the name of the other plant, but it has grey/green foliage with white flowers that kind of look like plates, but close up at night… they have a pinkish edge and underneath to them. Sorry – I will have a look tonight. Both this one and Euphorbia have grown so much in just a year. (The big Euphorbia is a pale variegated one, and then we bought a reddy/green one for the other end this year which is also doing well.)
    Oh, and Lavender and Stocks do well too, and smell heavenly! Californian poppies really provide a long amount of colour through the Summer, although they can run a bit rampant.

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