Posted by: tabliope | August 25, 2008

Our Daily Bread

There's still a thriving bakery industry here with a brilliant selection of Brötchen (rolls) and bread and some bakeries still do home deliveries, rather like the milkman in the UK.  Bread is priced by the kilo and it's perfectly acceptable to ask for a loaf to be cut in half if you don't want the whole lot.  The first time I asked for 'die Hälfte' I was pretty convinced that I'd get chucked out of the shop and told to behave myself but I was given my half loaf with no raised eyebrows.  But, today I saw this taken a step further; the lady in front of me in the bakery asked for 3 slices from a particular loaf.  The shop assistant was perfectly polite and asked her how thick she would like the slices, cut the bread with the machine, weighed it, wrapped it and walked her customer to the door and passed her the bread.  How fab.



  1. Can you go all the way and ask for three slices to be delivered?

  2. I’m not sure I’d be capable of asking for half a loaf – nowt to do with raised eyebrows, though ….
    the gannet

  3. Lucy – that is such a fab idea – I could ring up and get a slice for toast.Plubs – there are some very large, german loaves to get through….

  4. [this is good] Well they’re a nice bunch! 

  5. I know, I know - I remember the local bakery when I was a kid in Sennelager.  The smell was absolutely gorgeous.  Do you get a breadvan coming round?  ‘Our’ bakery used to deliver rye bread and brotchen – and little red lollies that account for nearly all of my fillings …
    Leisurely German breakfasts are the biz.

  6. we do have the bread vans but it’s only for pre-ordered bread – you can’t just leap out and demand brotchen unfortunatelyand yes, I’ve become a big lover of german breakfasts.

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