Posted by: tabliope | August 9, 2008

reinvention is the architect of change…

Porkette is dead, but let us not mourn because rising from the ashes is Fanny.  I chose the name partly in homage to the great Fanny Craddock who was the telly cook of her day, but I also love the name because it makes me laugh in a sniggery 11-year-old sort of way.  This isn't a diet blog anymore – it's not been a diet blog since the end of February when I started worshipping at the cult of Paul bought a book about not dieting after Bellybegone recommended it.  Anyway, this isn't a diet blog anymore but I'm just going to round up what's happened in the last six months or so and then we won't be mentioning PM on here anymore.  Which will be a great relief to one person who told me that every time she heard his name she wanted to shove another eclair down her throat. 

Just after Xmas I weighed the most I've ever weighed and I was struggling to fit into a size 14.  Now, I know that most of the western world is a size 14 and I shouldn't have been moaning but most of the western world isn't short with the legs of a dachshund.  Most of my weight was around my middle and I was a little like a Weeble  ; my clothes didn't fit and I looked dumpy.  I had given up smoking three months previously, I was 50, fat and my blood pressure wasn't good. But after a few weeks of not dieting, since the end of June probably,  my weight has varied by a few pounds but, on the whole, I've weighed 20lbs less than I did just after Xmas.  I'm between a size 10 and 12 depending on manufacturer.  My jeans are huge and I hold them up with belts that are at notches that I never believed possible.  I bought a pretty little summer dress that is an empire line – I'd never have worn something like that without having to reassure everyone that I wasn't in an advanced state of pregnancy.

What changed is that I stopped dieting coupled with using the hypnotherapy disc provided with PM's book.  I ate what I wanted when I wanted and I didn't weigh myself for the first two weeks.  I lost something like 5lbs in the first couple of weeks without dieting.  I listened to the CD every day and would drift off after about 3 minutes so I don't really know much of what he was saying but something was going in.  Shortly after starting this I went on holiday to Portugal, travelled back and forth to the UK, to Switzerland and then spent a long time in the UK.  I've recently had a trip to Cornwall and I've not changed my eating habits for any of it.  I haven't listened to the CD for about 6 weeks now.  I don't really worry about weighing myself (although weight never worried me, it was always the tightness of my clothes) and am quite happy if I fit into my size 10 shorts. 

Apart from being thinner and lighter my eating habits have changed in that I eat a lot less but I when I eat I eat nice things. Most of the time I don't eat such big dinners but what I eat is lovely and what I really want to eat.  I've developed a sweet tooth which was something I never used to have, although I think I still prefer salt to sugar.  Yesterday I had cake and coffee for lunch because I had a guest who wanted to visit our famous Konditerei and that was fine.

I've always liked food and seen it as some sort of comfort and I still do – I don't think that I'm any different from 99.99% of the world in that respect  – and although I was nowhere in the region of anything like having an eating disorder, I did sometimes behave oddly about food.  In particular, I worried about there being enough food.  If we had guests then I always over-catered and even just cooking for the two of us I'd make pretty large portions because I'd worry about us being hungry.  I loved having a full larder and worried if I didn't have enough in stock to keep us through two nuclear winters.  In the summer I went to an event where the food was served from a buffet. Prior to this I'd have pitched camp next to the buffet and eaten myself into a coma.  But now, in this post PM paradise,  I went to the buffet for my supper I checked out what was there and decided to start with some fish and salad and wait to see if I fancied any of the grilled meats later – something in my head told me there was enough food – I never went back because I'd had enough to eat.  A couple of days later I was listening to PM and part of his thing is that he says 'there is enough food, there is always enough food'.  I'd never really been conscious of him having said that before but I don't seem to worry about there being enough food anymore. 

Because I'd lost my concern about having a well-stocked larder I worried that the pay-off for losing weight would be that I'd lose interest in food and wouldn't want to cook anymore, that I wouldn't be interested in my food mags and food blogs.  Fortunately that's not the case and I'm still reading and cooking but what I'm not doing is poking my nose into the latest diet that will let you lose whatever within whatever.

My final words on PM are that if he ever does something to do with drinking too much then I'll be the first in the queue to buy the book.  And that's probably another story for another day.

Kitchen Magic – Fanny Cradock 1960s Part 2




  1. Long live Fanny.I’ve recently had a mostly empty larder since I’ve moved house. I’m OK with that, and surprised that I am.

  2. Welcome Fanny.

  3. Vive Fanny!

  4. Hoorah Fanny! x

  5. Fanny, we recently went to an indian buffet. Needless to say, John is refusing to take me ever again. I didn’t get passed the starters.
    Can’t wait for the first exciting instalment Fan x

  6. I am useless. I’ve bought the books, I started listening to the CD, but I haven’t yet fully committed. Part of me still disbelieves that I can consume more calories and lose weight.

  7. I always thought Fanny looked like a man in drag (not you, of course, H!).

  8. Lovely to have you here, Fanny.

  9. I am told I have a very deep voice.

  10. But do you have eyelashes like bedraggled tarantulas covered in soot?

  11. Courtesy of gofugyourself: lovingly applying that extra dollop of eyelash gel so they clumped into spiky ocular claws.

  12. gwan try it

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