Posted by: tabliope | July 31, 2008

At the bazaar

I've had my eye on a skirt in one of our over-priced boutiques for a couple of months now but it was too expensive and I kept hoping that they'd reduce it when the sales came.  Sales are here but the skirt hasn't been reduced in price.  Due to a rush of blood to my head I decided to go in and try it on to make sure it still fitted and just pay the full price for it.  I really liked it and I reasoned that it's going to do me a few years, it can be smart or casual  -  it ticked all the boxes I use for rationalising spending money so I should just get on with it.  

Walking out of the changing room and I found myself saying to the lady that I really liked it but it was too expensive and would she reduce the price.  She knocked 25% off and didn't treat me like some peasant who was bringing nasty smells into her empire.  If anything she was almost friendlier and kept up a constant stream of chat about the different colours that would match and then she wished me a good day and I took my size 10 bargain home.

And I did this in foreign speak too.



  1. Wowsers. That’s pretty impressive. Wonder if it would work on the £30 handbag I’m hesitating over in Accessorise?

  2. I read an article recently that it’s always worth asking – especially if you are going to pay cash.  It doesn’t work so well if you are putting it on a card – and it’s best to ask a manager.  Now that I’ve done it once I’ll try it again.  I did ask for something to be knocked off my coffee machine – they gave me 6 packs of coffee.

  3. Well done.  I’m terrible at bargaining but I often give it a go.

  4. what sort of things do you bargain for?  and what’s usually most successful?

  5. I like the way you nonchalantly slip in how it was a size 10 skirt!  That would have been reason enough to buy it for me.

  6. I would have spent £1000 on a size 10 skirt that fitted me and went with lots of colours and was smart or casual.Well done!  Mostly the people in ’boutiques’ are snobby and horrible and make you feel like they are doing you a favour just to let you in the door.

  7. Result!

  8. I think it’s a generous size 10 but I’m happy with my size and I seem to be staying at the same size which is what is important. 

  9. Impressive bargaining skills Mrs Pork. What colour did you get in the end?

  10. The bargain army salutes you. We can’t call you Porkette any more though.

  11. [this is good] Wow! I wish I could do that…

  12. Bloody Hell. I can only manage that sort of bartering occasionally and that’s in my native tongue. Doing it in foreign! Good work.

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