Posted by: tabliope | July 28, 2008

is this senility setting in….

…or is advertising just really, really crap?

We're planning a trip for next year and there are a number of airlines that we could fly with.  The airlines all have planes with seats, pilots and cabin crew but they're all priced differently because.  Just because.  I don't know about the economics of airlines and I am not particularly bothered either, but when I mentioned a couple of the airlines and the costs to Mr Pork he became quite excited about the thought of flying with Emirates.  'They're quite posh' he assured me.  I asked him if they were the airline who advertised on the English cable news we subscribe to.  There's an airline that sponsors the weather which is shown four times an hour – we have had this cable package for about 15 months and probably see this advert at least twice a day.  Neither of us knew.  However, we could recite word for word all the various advertising slogans but we had no idea which airline it was.  Let's hope we're not in that target group because otherwise their advertising isn't working.



  1. Wait. Emirates isn’t dry, is it?

  2. if it is, then we’re not going.

  3. It was when I flew with ’em – but that was a while ago …  a long while ago.

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