Posted by: tabliope | July 24, 2008

glad tidings

Joy be upon us; I have bought a compost bin and jolly wonderful it is too.  We have a council bin for green waste which I'll continue to use for grass cuttings and the stuff that won't compost so well and I'll keep all the best things to feed my compost bin.  God, it's exciting being me.

In other gardening news I have a man coming in late August to do some digging and to bring some soil and stones.  The stones are for what is called a rockery in English but in German is a Steingarten, a stonegarden.  As far as I'm concerned rockeries belong with bungalows and hydrangeas in Frinton.   So I will be doing that annoying thing that I criticise everyone else for and will use the German word instead of the English word because it doesn't sound so elderly.   Yes, I know this is indeed rockeryist of me and at this point I should claim that I do know rockeries and I don't have any problem with them but I just don't want one in my garden.  However, given that almighty slope that I have it's the only thing that I can afford to have to grow things in.  So, my Steingarten will be here in September along with soil and I'll be able to get this garden growing.



  1. I actually really like rockeries.  I especially like seeing them in people’s front gardens at the seaside.  I have my own small rockery and I just love the little plants that go in it.   Good luck with your steingarten.

  2. I’ve been looking at the rockeries in our botanical gardens and they’ve used quite big stones and planted things like thyme and lavender which works really well so I may try and go for that sort of thing – I’ll need to see what my man thinks.

  3. I call mine the Alpine Garden… We have big rocks in it, with Alpine plants (Saxifrages do especially well), and then we have little rock chippings to stop weeds coming through (hah!).

  4. I love that RG – do you call your spare room  the East Wing?  The Alpine Garden sounds like you live somewhere like Castle Howard and have peacocks on your terrace – it’s great.

  5. Well, I don’t usually capitalise it. It’s only to differentiate it from the back garden and the other bit of the front garden!

  6. You could make a Rick Steingarten and fill it with Fish.

  7. [this is good] but nonetheless terrible.

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