Posted by: tabliope | July 15, 2008

He would say that, wouldn’t he?

My optician today:

Sie tragen Brille sehr schön  (You look great in glasses)



  1. My advice would be not to visit an undertakers any time soon.

  2. …or taxidermists 😉

  3. [this is good] 🙂

  4. I tell you, the amount of money that I spent on glasses means that I’m keeping them till I’m dead and then I’ll be wearing them in an open-topped coffin so that everyone can admire them.

  5. After I spent a ridiculously large sum of dosh on my glasses, I was less than pleased with the pointing, giggling and muffled squeaks of ‘Anne Robinson!!’ in the days that followed.  No, I am not a redhead but yes, I do have cropped hair.
    Fortunately (!) said expensive glasses are now so wonky (kneeling on them really didn’t do them much good), I now need to get some new ones.  I’ll take Beau with me to pick the frames, because he’s always devastatingly honest about how things look (see last time when I pounced on a pair that I thought were veh exciting – he looked at me doubtfully, then shook his head, saying in no uncertain terms – ‘No, babe – WELDER!).  Wish me luck.

  6. Maybe he’s an optician because he thinks women who wear glasses are Hot.

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