Posted by: tabliope | July 15, 2008

A new low in blogging

Last night I dreamt that Runner Girl and I went on holiday together but because of some mix-up we had to stay in our hotel room for the whole time.  We had loads of boxes of chocolates; the kitschy chocolate boxes with kittens, cottages and red ribbons (do they even make those any more?).  I was cramming chocolates into my mouth as fast as my little paws could pick them up and RG ate precisely one chocolate from her box.  This is the sort of dream I used to have when I was giving up smoking but substitute the fags for the chocs.  Complete and utter fear of losing control I suspect or fear that I've already lost control. 



  1. I’d take Paul McKenna on holiday with you too.  And no chocolates.

  2. I got given a large box of chocolates at work last week (from a developer, to say thanks) and I can confirm that it was definitely resplendent in ribbons, although the picture of a cottage on the front was more of a monochrome line drawing.We only have the orange marzipan left and even I’m not that desperate for sweets. 

  3. I wouldn’t worry about it. The fact that you only saw her eat one sweet, doesn’t mean that she only ate one sweet.Trust me on this.I have a brother, and there were Christmas Days in the past where the scene you described happened….I’d definitely had more than one sweet, and I still had some left once he’d eaten all his.

  4. “We only have the orange marzipan left and even I’m not that desperate for sweets”Then I put it to you. That don’t like sweets.Marzipan.Food of the Gods.(Please E-mail all unwanted marzipan to me. Thankyou.)

  5. EDIT: That you don’t like sweets.

  6. Three virtual marzipans are on their way.
    (it’s not the taste I don’t like, it’s the way it gets in your mouth.  blee!)

  7. Er. What’s the point of a sweet that doesn’t get in your mouth? 🙂

  8. Ha, this is one of my dad’s phrases, which doesn’t necessarily hold up to close scrutiny – it’s to do with the texture and the way it sticks round the inside of your mouth – like hard boiled egg yolk, or peanut butter.

  9. You don’t like peanut butter?  Good grief.

  10. [this is good] Oh no, I do like peanut butter, although thinking about it, I tend to have it on hot toast so it has a softer texture. 
    (Look, I never said I was going to be consistent!)

  11. Me too – peanut butter on soft bread is too squishy …

  12. Never mind Porkette’s blogging – I think I’m reaching new lows in commenting!

  13. With a little help from your friend …

  14. Mr Pork likes peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches – I have long suggested that this is an abomination but he claims it is a very popular sandwich filling.  After further discussion on the subject he conceded that it may be a popular sandwich filling in peanut land.

  15. Knowing me, I probably would have already eaten all the chocolates, but have replaced them without you seeing….
    [And yes, I have done just that in the past!]
    Marzipan and Peanut Butter – both are ALL WRONG in my book. Ick.

  16. So, Mr Pork likes soft gooey sarnies with added squish.  Oh dear.  You’re absolutely right – only in peanut land …

  17. That just sounds like something filthy that’s crept out of 20s*x…

  18. Oh dear – it does, doesn’t it?
    I hope nobody tells Peanut I’ve been associating her with absolute smut …

  19. Squash won’t mind though…

  20. ‘course not.  Feeeelthy boy …

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