Posted by: tabliope | June 9, 2008

Am I being unreasonable….

…to think that someone who is a friend of a friend, but who has my main email address, has absolutely no right to pass my email address onto her friend, who I don't know at all, who then spams me for a bloody book launch in Paris?  And the friend doesn't even have the brains to use BCC when using it. 

I'm just being a miserable old bag, aren't I?

Right.  Back to my corner.



  1. So your email address has been passed on to a friend of a friend of a friend.  That is, someone who you’ll probably never meet?
    I’d be pretty peed off.  But then I’m well know for being a miserable old bag.

  2. we can be MOBs together – plubs.  Bring sandwiches and gin.

  3. Sounds like a damn fine idea, porkette.  I might also need vodka.
    Speaking of which, am just about to wander off to drink some boozahol with teh internets.  Imaginary friends at my age – so sad ….

  4. its f*cking rude, actually x

  5. I agree with Minks. That once happened to me and I was well pissed off.

  6. No, not unreasonable at all.  She’d be in my spam folder quicker than you could say miserable old bag …

  7. That happened to me earlier this year, several times, by the same person. I was spitting feathers. A few days ago she left a voicemail message on my mobile phone. Fair enough, it was for a very legitimate reason but it would have been nice if the friend who supplied her with my number had asked my permission first. Bloody hell. Is bad etiquette the price we have to pay for internet and mobile phone technology?

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