Posted by: tabliope | June 5, 2008

scratch ‘n’ sniff blogging

It's a beautiful hot, sunny day here and the department store is giving away cologne-drenched tissues as part of a promotion.  And probably to keep the scent of stale sweat at bay too.  Smelling the tissue took me back to being a child, to the Xmases where I'd given both my mum and my nanny this very same cologne as a gift.  My mother used either this cologne or lavender water.  She would put a splash of cologne on her hankie and then tuck it into her watch strap and the scent would drift around her.  One hot summer's day, a journey to somewhere, maybe the seaside, I can't remember exactly, but we'd been away.  We were on the bus going home, I was hot and fractious and complaining about something or other.  She made me have a drink of water and laid my head on her lap and she smoothed the hankie dampened with cologne across my forehead.  I slept and woke later when it was dark and I could smell my mum and knew that everything was okay.  It made me really happy to smell it again.

The other thing that is making me deliriously happy is my google home page which I've decorated with Edward Monkton and his Pig of Happiness.  I am completely in love with The Madness Hamsters

Porkette – aged 6.



  1. 4711 – the scent of childhood for me too …

  2. Me too.

  3. That’s my Nana in a bottle.

  4. I ended up buying some – it’s very popular over here and not shoved to the back of the old lady shelves in Boots.  That’s my excuse.

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