Posted by: tabliope | June 3, 2008

if age is a fabric then hang me in crimplene

This weekend a woman, about 30 years of age, announced to me and the rest of our group that it was about time 'old' women knew when to 'reign it in'.  I think that this started because one of the guys said that he'd been to see Kylie in Frankfurt and how wonderful she had been.  This young woman reckoned that at 40 we should be picking up the slippers and cardigan and remembering to stick our teeth in Steradent. 

I took issue with this mainly because I'd had more wine than is good for me.  More specifically, more wine than is good for polite society.  So, I told her that I thought she was being rude and offensive (obviously I wasn't being rude or offensive by pointing this out) and that people could wear what they damned well wanted to and there wasn't a fucking rule book.  By this stage I was on the slippery slope of having to defend Madge and the leotard which wasn't easy.  But, hell, why not? 

So, I'm very pleased to see that not all the young people think that we should be getting out the grey crimplene, support tights and K-skips.

And being perfectly honest the only thing that stops me indulging my inner Barbi doll is the fact that I can't afford to but if I had more money then I'd be skipping around in some very inappropriate items indeed.  Just wait till I get my pension then I'll show her how to do some geriatric glitter.



  1. [this is good] The 30-year-old is obviously worried that she won’t age so well, so she’s getting a few digs in while she can.  If I look as good as Kylie when I’m 40 … um … I’ll probably be so shocked that I’ll keel over in amazement.  Still, I reckon if you can fit in it, and you want it, you can wear it.  Maybe some of us shouldn’t sing live on tour - but then that would be the case at any age.

  2. As I said mildly to my older sister, who was bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t as ‘trendy as you lot’ (ie, all 3 of her younger sisters – but not that much younger) – ‘I’m not binning my Levis as long as they still fit me’ (she thought this was a bad idea).  Anyway, that also goes for my leather jackets (and my leather jeans, come to think of it - tho’ they’re never worn together I hasten to add) and pretty much anything else in my wardrobe.
    I’m not much of a glitter-gal – but to paraphrase Voltaire:  ”I [may] detest what you [wear], but I will fight to the death to defend your right to [wear] it. …”
    Although I have to confess, I’m really not fond of Madge’s leotards and I really, really wish she would just stop it.

  3. [this is good] jeppers, I have absolutely no intention of ever dressing ‘appropriately’. Never mind ‘age’ appropriate.
    (I am currently sporting a bag lady look, with pink sparkly shoes and a sparkly head band. I’m not even joking, I promise)

  4. I find that crows feet can be useful receptacles to hold glitter.

  5. Hell, I’ve never been able to dress appropriately – for work, I pretty much dress like a boy – suit, shirt, and tank top… all that’s missing is the tie! I am envious of my more glamourous colleagues though!
    Mind you, I do sometimes catch sight of myself in a mirror and am appalled at how mumsy I look – fleece, jeans and comfortable shoes… I’m not good at style!

  6. Looks like I might be opening a shop specialising in Purple clothes and red hats 🙂

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