Posted by: tabliope | May 29, 2008

A big hurrah for the world

I'd just like to place it on record that I'm feeling brilliantly happy and enthusiastic at the moment.  The sun is shining, I've got a house and a garden, I've painted a picture that actually looks like the thing I started painting, my courgettes are showing little yellow buds, my nasturtiums are sprouting, I'm going walking today with my colleagues and then we're going to end the day eating and drinking in a pub.  I've got friends here and far away, I have people to talk to and people who listen to me and I'm going to make the most of it.  I have a good man who loves me and who spent his lunchbreak yesterrday choosing and buying CDs for me because he wanted me to have some new music. 

I will ignore the fact that my geranium seems to be resisting my efforts to keep it alive.  I can't have everything.



  1. Aw, that’s sweet that he wanted you to have some new music…. and probably not that he wanted some new music, but bought it pretending it was for you, either!
    I find sometimes that if I leave plants alone, they tend to come back to life on their own.

  2. Hurrah for your good mood!  Ignore the geranium for a while – they like it dry so it may perk up with some neglect.

  3. Hurrah!

  4. [this is good] I’m feeling chipper today too. My mint died, but the sun is out. 

  5. Hurrah!  

  6. [das ist gut] Hurrah for good things.

  7. Hurrah indeed!
    I, however, am very disgruntled today.  I take 2 days off to paint ceilings (which now look lovely, ta – but the walls now look shabby.  Tant pis) and come back to find my CEO has changed her mind about all sorts of things we had agreed to – so I’m firefighting again.  Meanwhile, attendees at the forthcoming meeting (Tuesday) and my big seminar (following Wednesday) are chasing me for programmes, agendae etc – some of which have reverted to being works in progress and some of which I am still waiting for approval.  I am having SUCH a big glass of wine tonight!
    Double hmf.
    But I’m glad you’re feeling good – honest!

  8. Geranium, schneranium!

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