Posted by: tabliope | May 28, 2008


at which point in your day would you have preferred to have noticed the mould in the loaf of bread?

Before you had your scrambled eggs on toast for lunch? 

Or a couple of hours later. 



  1. [this is good] hahahaha, I’ve done that before! (good dose of penicillin) xx

  2. It couldn’t have been very mouldy, otherwise you’d have noticed at the time.  I remember being sent to school once by my mum and biting into mouldy sandwiches – so mouldy I could taste the mould.  I doubt I let her forget that one for a few weeks (or given that I’m 28 now…).

  3. I was once reliably informed by my uncle (who was a dean at Guys) that grilling mouldy bread will kill any mould and make it fine for eating and I’ve been living by that rule ever since. 

  4. Oh, ugh.
    I’m a little bit afraid of mould.

  5. Hmpph – I got the same level of sympathy from Mr Pork who also trotted out the grilling-kills-all line.  Oink – I hope you don’t have ishoos about mould and sandwiches – I have to say that my mum was an appalling cook but I don’t think she ever sent me out with mouldy butties.  Actually, that’s probably because she never made me any.

  6. I don’t think I’d bring myself to grill any mouldy bread again (I don’t care if it’s alive or dead, I’m not eating it) but I’m perfectly happy to cut it off cheese.  

  7. I’ve cut around mould when I’ve been desperate (and a bit drunk/hungover)

  8. You can taste it as soon as you bite into it – but I would cut it off cheese. It’s perfectly good underneath. Not bread though – the slightest hint of blue on a slice of bread or a bagel and it goes in the bin!

  9. If I’ve noticed it, I’ll just pinch out the mouldy bits (or cut them off cheese) but I’ll do anything to get out of going to the shop.

  10. I’m a bit of a slob – I just try and break it off if I see it,but will happily eat round it, and I’ve sometimes had that funny taste that means I’ve obviously eaten some.  I’m sure it’s good for us really – germ tolerance and all that!

  11. Yeah I always just cut if off/out. Bit of mould never hurt anyone. (Er, possibly.) I will basically eat anything as long as it doesn’t smell funny. Smell is the issue I think. I’ve never had food poisoning either. Touch wood!

  12. I always notice mould on bread just after I’ve given Sprog her sandwich.  Then I stand there debating which is worse:  Sprog eats a bit of mould, or Sprog throws a big stroppy hissy fit when I take her sandwich away and then refuses to eat its replacement so is hungry and doesn’t nap for long enough and is violently grumpy for the rest of the day…

  13. I toasted a couple of crumpets the other day – fortunately I noticed they were bright green when they came out of the toaster and before I got anywhere near spreading butter on them.
    I’m allergic to penicillin, so it was probably just as well, ay?

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