Posted by: tabliope | May 24, 2008

We were really, really rich….and thin..

Last night I dreamed that Kate Evans and I had invented a new form of exercise that was beautifully simple, fantastically effective and quickly became the absolute must-do exercise of the beautiful people and finally it trickled down to the sort of people who have to write their own blogs.   What was particularly fabulous about this exercise was that it seemed to allow people to defy any sort of age and fashion rule and 'mutton' had been banished to the hinterland of  life.  The reason I say this is because Kate and I were running around in lycra mini skirts (to be fair, we were very, very thin) but whilst I can't speak for the advisability of Kate wearing a lycra mini skirt, I can tell you that me wearing a lycra mini skirt, no matter how slim I was,  would just allow young people to snigger.

Anyway, the major problem is that I can't sodding well remember what this exercise was that we invented so we're doomed before we start.  But I do know that further on in this dream I ended up running a large bill up on Kate's mobile phone because I needed to check my answer phone.  There's no fairy tale ending to this where I woke up and found a lycra mini skirt at the end of my bed – in fact that would be more of a nightmare I think. 



  1. [this is good] Oh God, I’ve had many good ideas in dreams and forgotten them when waking up. Think about it hard as you get to sleep, then you might dream about it again.

  2. I think the brilliant exercise was just that after we’d gone out in public wearing our lycra miniskirts, we’d have to spend all our time running away from the style police. And then perhaps climbing mountains to escape the taste police.

  3. gutted.

  4. Do you tell yourself really funny jokes too Lucy?  I’m always doing that and can never remember them.Kate, we looked great – my legs were about a foot longer than they are in the real world Indeed Minks.

  5. Think, dammit… I want to know what this wonderful exercise is!

  6. Step away from the skirts ….

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